Are you pretty socail?

  • Commanders,

    here is a new contest for you:

    Write a story about your game experience on our games, your favourite game, on your favourite social (facebook, twitter or instagram).

    You can use a text (max 280 character) or some photos and/or pictures. You can choose what to tell (choose only 1 option):

    -what do you feel when you launch an attack

    -The friend/s you found in game

    -Something unexpected happened one day in game

    The social post that will receive more points gained via "like" and share will win (1 point for every like, 2 points for every post shared) Tag friends would help;)

    At the end of the contest you should post a screen shot on our FORUM of your post with the story and the "likes" and share visible, without your name and datas ( we care about your privacy).

    We will verify privately all entries.

    The contest will finish on August 23th at 12.00 pm


    1) Only one story per player

    2) All the stories with offences against the game, against other players and/or alliances and/or the staff will be excluded from the contest.

    3) Alll stories published after the end of the contest will be excluded.

    4) Only stories of Looki games are allowed

    5) all offensive stories/posts will be excluded from the competition

    6) You can receive the prize in one UK server on your choose.


    1st place: 6000 diamonds

    2nd place: 3000 diamonds

    3rd place: 1000 diamonds.

    Team Looki

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