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  • On 42 uk west you have 4 players basicaly beating the snot out of every player for a whole month of this crazy event . It doesnt bother me much as ive pretty much lost interest in this unbalanced game . I have been here many years and have watched many great players with integrity quit because of this nonsense . I hope you guys wake up before its to late

  • The events with the large attack range with rules that allow a person to be hit 20 some times a day is killing the game . Also super strong players shouldnt be allowed to spy very weak players over and over to kill off their spy fleet . There is no reason for weak or new players to continue playing .

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    this is a war game and there is no limit for the attacks, there is no limit during the events and also when the events there are not. The events are perfetly balanced and expecially in these last events we divided the groups ingroups of 30 or 40 players each based on account value or ranking position. SO there is absolutely nothing unbalanced here.

  • You have lost all touch with the game if you feel these events are balanced , hence the steady decline in players .And if i hear that lame excuse that " this is a war game " one more time i think i will get ill lol Do you realize how huge of a gap in strength there is between players in these groups you speak of ? I am very sure you dont or the rules would be much different . I truly believe you should do some rethinking on this issue .

  • I totaly agree with horse123 , These event rules are spoling the game large players are droping points just to stay down to attack players over and over again , you need to look at these event rules again, as there are alot now getting fed up and loosing intrest in the game

  • No one will build any buildings or spy planes if these crazy events are held every week . 99 % of us get all our spy units killed and building taken away every week . And its just not a small percentage , we get hit so often we lose huge numbers . If your going to have a event where the most attacks or spys wins you should let us bunker our spies or make it so you we dont lose so many buildings or not lose buildings at all . Why would any of us buy diamonds to build or buy spies if they can be taken away every week ? Its just way too lopsided theres no chance to compete against fleets 100 times bigger than your whole bank . Tear down events should be rarely held and you shouldnt be able to do it multiple times while a event is on . Also we should be split into at least 3 or 4 groups to give people a chance to even consider defending . Much more fun that way

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    all the tops we did in last events were split in the same exact number of players, as indicated in forum per every event.

    The events were equal for all the players but thanks for the feedbacks.

  • Good morning,

    Support if you think these events are fair and balanced to be honest you shouldn't be a community manager as you clearly don't understand the game or note the battle reports of a very few number of players, who send undefendable fleets time and time again. It's this kind of response from the game admin that's driving players away, we had several quit in my alliance this week, because of these unfair events, the game is slowly dying. If you ban me because of my post that's cool, because after 8 years of this game it's very sad to see it like this, it used to be fun.

  • I don't schedule the events :) There is a team that does it and study server per server what must be done. Thanks for your opinion.

  • IT Supporto thanks for your reply, if that's the case, is there any way the team involved can be informed of the amount of dissatisfaction with the format of these current events, from a lot of people, with the aim of improving and ultimately saving the game, thanks.

  • Please look at the battle reports . This has got way out of hand . A handful of players basicaly destroy the rest of the server . They kill off everyones spy fleets , they take all the buildings and then do tear down events over and over and do it again . There is no possible way for all the players to even think about defending . These rules and event groupings need to be thought over . I have been here 8 plus years and am alarmed at how out of balance the game is . Its been hijacked by a very small number of super powerful players that have no idea of what fair play is and it seems the game tailors events to allow them to get away with this grossly unfair game play . I am a friend of the game , i like to see people have a chance , but i watch more and more players leave because of these issues

  • Good morning,

    I already answered this topic. And thanks for the feedbacks.

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  • Heads, sand and ostriches spring to mind, you have tried Horse as have I. Seems game admin neither cares or understands the server is dying, so then neither do I. This will be my lost post and attempt to make admin see sense and save the game, bon voyage.

  • So after 8 years on this game and seeing the lack of understanding or care with the way admin runs the current unfair events for the smaller players, sadly I have decided to leave the game.

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