Spy attacks and blurred reports

  • In the past, it was possible for a player to combat with few units and after a first battle, he could know how many defenses his opponent had. This first attack usually was a loss for the attacker, but it was done with the intention of knowing his rival's units and make stronger attacks immediatly afterwards. This type of tactic was known as spy attack.

    To override the possibility and the abuse of this tactic, in 2015 we implemented an upgrade to the battle reports. When an attack is weak, the game will blur the defender's units. When we implemented this updated, game support stopped sanctioning attacks of this nature because the blurring in the combat reports nulls the effectivity of this type of attack.

    How does the blurring of the battle reports work?

    Beside the maximum loss percentage (33%, 33%, 25%, 15% y 5%), each player will have an internal defense percentage (20%, 30%, 60% y 100%). This number will determine the maximum defenses an opponent has to beat to see the defender's units.

    What does this mean? If your defense percentage is 20%, then the attacker has to beat at least a 20% of your units to see your defenses. If a player beats only the 19%, then he won't see them. If the same player keeps attacking, then the internal defense percentage will rise his value. In the next combat, the attacker has to destroy at least a 30% of the player's defenses to get a full battle report.

    Each attack requires beating a higher defense percentage to see the complete report (20%, 30%, 60% y 100%).

    Although support doesn't sanction spy attacks anymore, remember that losing too often in brief periods of time could be regarded as pushing and it could be sanctioned. If you have any question, please, don't hesitate to contact the support team.

    Community Manager Team Lead

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