Alliance transfer limit - How does it work?

  • During September 2015, remember that we changed the limit in how many resources can be transferred to the players in ALL fronts of Desert Operations US. This limit works like this:

    Resource balance * 72 + last interest payment * 20 = Max Daily Limit.

    For example, if a player receives 500k of money in each balance for his buildings and his latest interest payment was of 1 million, then his transfer limit will be calculated like this:

    (500.000 *72) + (1.000.000 * 20)

    36.000.000 + 20.000.000 = 56.000.000

    This is his limit of money for transfers. To know how many of a resource he may obtain from an alliance in a transfer, we only have to divide the money between the base cost of the resource.

    For example: using our previous example, to calculate how many oil will the player get and if an oil barrel costs $500 (trade market 100% value), we simply divide the money transfer limit between the base cost of the resource.

    56.000.000 / 500 = 112.000 oil barrels.

    This means the alliance can transfer up to 112.000 oil barrels from an alliance.

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