[US] Grand Winners Anniversary Challenge!

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    Did you think our anniversary surprises were over? well, they are not!

    Since turning 20 doesn't happen every day (or year) we have decided to turn up the rewards and grant a BIG FINAL PRIZE to the TOP 3 GLOBAL WINNERS from ALL our worlds of the same server!

    These rewards will be given to the 3 players that managed to get more points collected from all our events during the anniversary challenge and the prizes are:

    1st: 6.000 Diamonds and 2.000 Loyalty Points

    2nd: 1.500 Loyalty Points

    3rd: 1.000 Loyalty Points

    And our 3 global winners for WGUS are:

    1st: Kevinlee

    2nd: OrdeWingate*

    3rd: codyr10*


    Thank you for your effort!

    Please contact our Support team to select in which world you'd like to receive your reward!

    Happy 20th Anniversary gamigo!