results of the gamigo 20th Anniversary are finally in!

  • Dear Player,

    The results of the gamigo 20th Anniversary are finally in!

    Due to privacy and security issues, we can only display the nick names of the top 10.

    Each oh these players, participated in the anniversary raffle: ☠HYDE☠ won the hardware prize sponsored by Gigabyte: A gaming set including a mouse and a keyboard + 60.000 Diamonds to be received in Desert Operations DE server.

    Also, Kevinlee won a great premium prize of 30.000 Diamonds to be paid in Wargame US server. CONGRATULATIONS! To claim their prizes, winners should contact us via Customer Support ticket and provide their complete name and address. Winners will have two weeks to claim their prizes. If a claim is not made within this period, winners will no longer be eligible for receiving the prizes.

    Top 10 Desert Operations:

    1. free_of_death Points: 57194
    2. tonybs2 Points: 24500
    3. ☠HYDE☠ Points: 21111
    4. roro2004 Points: 21000
    5. Magneto Points: 19000
    6. ghostbin Points: 15762
    7. TASL Points: 15500
    8. Pensavaquefossefuteb Points: 14000
    9. BADACTOR Points: 14000
    10. troll13 Points: 13500

    Top 10 Wargame 1942:

    1. saeed13710 Points: 50000
    2. محــــمد الفـــــاتح Points: 31500
    3. Kaa-san Points: 29666
    4. sslok Points: 27000
    5. konschina Points: 17833
    6. Kevinlee Points: 17500
    7. Sombra_70 Points: 16500
    8. rorororo2004 Points: 15500
    9. drdrm Points: 15000
    10. HotRed11 Points: 14500

    Thank you all for taking part of this amazing celebration! Congratulation to our 2 winners, you have been lucky enough to win amongst tons of players from ALL our games.

    Sincerly yours,

    Team WG