[BA] The New Year Boost

  • Commanders!


    As the new year approaches, great things continue to happen in Desert Operations!

    Special boosts for the new year await you in the diamond shop (the Item tab) for A LIMITED TIME!

    The new year daily/diamond boosts are not like the boost you know!

    It can work with ANY previous daily/diamond boost active and can buy up to 3 in a total of the New Years' boosters!

    NOTE: You can buy up to 3 in a total of the New Years' boosters, but only 1 per world will work! But you can get 3 in 3 different worlds or countries (e.g. 1 in DODE "Charlie", 1 in DOFR "Ouest" and 1 in DODE "PHANTOM".) If you accidentally purchase more than 1 in the same world, contact your support to request a reward transfer to another world – note that they will not be summed up or extended in the same world.

    Don't miss the opportunity

    #staysafe and stay with us!

    Your Desert Operation Team

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