[US] 60 min. "Death-Clock Challenge"

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    60 min. "Death-Clock Challenge"

    End Tuesday 23:59
    Higher. Faster. Stronger.


    Our events this week have started and include:

    • Travel Times -60%
    • Ammo/Fuel-70%
    • Vladimir for 20 Diamonds
    • Conversion factor: 6/10 for all (Ends at Tuesday 17:59)
    • Defense values x3
    • Oil Production x20
    • HQ Express
    • Black Market
    • Top Event
    • Max. building time: 72h (ress. buildings) + 7d (upgrades)
    • Oil refining 1:1 (Friday 3-7pm)
    • Oil refining 1:1 (Monday 3-7pm)
    • Exchange of $$ and raw oil X15
    • Raw Oil Exchange Ends at Tuesday 17:59:00

    From Sunday 6pm to Monday 7pm

    • Only Loosable: Ammo Factories + Refineries
    • Tyrannical Bash 50/40/30/20/10/50 Block (Random 1.5 – 3h)


    During the next 6 days, your diamond conversion factor will be based on your position in the high score. The highest you are ranked, the better factor you will get (up to 10!). Things happen fast here: the point high score updates every hour.

    Meanwhile, regularly (ca. every 3h), your account value will be recalculated. Its average value will be based on 1h only: this means both your value graphs (red+blue) will follow one another very closely and might eventually look identical.

    In short, everything added, transformed and acquired on your account will drastically and swiftly increase your account value.

    Your combat performances will act themselves as a multiplier: evaluated every hour they will grant the highest bonus to the most aggressive and successful fighters, every hour, for as long as you keep your spot or you keep going up.

    In the mean time, today at 10:00AM we will release a diamond conversion x16. The rest of your event will launch tomorrow at 2:00PM

    Let's go!

  • WGUS3 / SOLO


    Last chapter

    • Black Market
    • Oil conversion 1:1
    • Diamond x10 on money
    • Max. Building Time 24h
    • Ammos/Travel -70%
    • Attack range 25-400%
    • Conversion factor: 6 for all
    • Bash Increase 35/35/25/20/10/10 (6h)
    • Units fixcost -99%
    • Defense units cost -99%

    Ends monday 23:59