There is to may Diamond events and its killing game

  • Why are we having to many diamond events ?

    These events are hurting game badly ..... last few events i has seen top players quit and new players quit only after 1 week .

    We need war events and NoN diamond events to help bring balance to the game and to make the game enjoyable for old and new players alike .

    I appreciate that purchasing diamonds helps with game development etc but then why develop game that know one wants to play ?

    The promise of new in game additions needs to come quick and fast new units new buildings new research etc to get the current players interested and maybe get more new players involved what was once a thriving game is now lost .

    Diamond buyers will always buy diamonds so no loss there ... but to get new players to part with there well earned money then make game more interesting .

    Also consider the pandemic we are currently experiencing not everyone is able to work so money is a premium for there home life so while more players arent working we need to give them a good game to play that doesnt consist of buying diamonds every day ... make more diamond winning events help players to thrive instead of trying to take there money when they havent got it ?

    Looki/Gamingo we have as individuals given our all now its time you gave something back .