[US] It ends here. Event for February 10th

  • 368-US-WG.jpg


    Don't Let ANYBODY Win
    End Tuesday 23:59

    Feb. 10th – 16th

    • Conversion factor: 6 - 10 for all
    • Diamonds $/Raw x16
    • HQ Express
    • Black Market
    • Oil Prod. x10**

    Feb. 11th – 16th

    • Highest Count of Won Fights*
    • Top Points
    • Special Units via Diamonds
    • Vladimir for 20 Diamonds
    • Ammo/Fuel/Travel Times -60%

    Feb. 12th – 16th *[hex]*

    • Spy Units -80% Cost
    • Buildings -80% Cost
    • Oil refining 1:1 (Friday 3pm - 7pm)
    • 2b 32 30 25 20 42 6f 6e 75 73 20 54 6f 6b 65 6e 20 69 6e 20 44 69 6e 65 72

    Feb. 13th – 14th *[hex]*

    • 53 75 70 65 72 20 50 72 6f 6d 6f 20 69 6e 20 44 69 6e 65 72

    Feb. 15th – 16th

    • Gold Prod. x10
    • Oil refining 1:1 (Monday 3pm - 7pm)

    * Prize Value of "CYBER BUBBLES"; Each rewards will contain a hot Diamond Payoff + a daily Diamond bonus for 8, 15 or 30d.

    ** *Raw oil exchange ends at tuesday 17:59


    • Support reserves the right to exclude any player for any irregularity, without notice and without any right to dispute nor compensation;
    • Any sanction received during this challenge automatically disqualifies the participant from the server's challenge and the global one, as well as being sanctioned after it ended and before the final results are published;
    • In the event of an irregularity, support can revoke credited rewards!
    • Participation is free and not mandatory and only requires a game account. By participating you have agreed that your nickname is mentioned as a participant and/or a potential winner. Prizes are only in the game virtual currency: diamonds and in game resources (LP - loyalty points);
    • Players that go into Holiday mode during the challenge will be taken out of the competition
    • Listed winners are not entitled to additional gains or compensation than those listed. Prizes can only be rewarded in the one world where they were won;
    • Prizes cannot be exchanged nor transferred and participation and/or selection does not entitle to additional benefits nor compensation;
    • We reserve the right to terminate the contest before its end for good cause. Such a termination shall be deemed to have occurred in particular if, for technical, organizational or legal reasons, the proper performance of the contest cannot be guaranteed.
    • The specific rules and content for each challenge will be made public with the launch of the weekend event on the days mentioned above.
    • You are allowed to participate in as many game worlds as you play. However, each player may only be rewarded once. For example, if you came 3rd in game server A and came 1st in game server 2, support will reward you for the highest position. If you came 1st and also happened to be the 1st in your entire country, the country prize will be awarded to you in the game world where you came in 1st. Country/Game world prizes will not be added up. The highest of the 2 will be the one credited to you should your performance have justified it and allowed you to earn it. For any question and/or concern, send a ticket to your support team that will answer all your doubts.
  • WGUS3 / SOLO


    Chapter IV

    • HQ Express
    • Regular top event
    • Premium units via money
    • Diamond 9x all
    • Defense values x2
    • Travel/Ammo/Fuel -70%
    • Mercenary treat
    • Spy units cost -70%

    Ends on monday 23:59



    Last chapter

    • Oil conversion 1:1
    • Diamond x10 on money
    • Ammos/Travel/Fuel -70%
    • Regular top event
    • Units fixcost -70%
    • Units expire -70%
    • Conversion factor: 6 for all
  • Congratulations to all the winners, the prizes have already been paid and consist of a Diamond Package + Daily Diamond Bonus for 8, 15 or 30 days.




    1. OrdeWingate* / 342 battles
    2. alexander-123 / 275 battles
    3. tmtmk2 / 219 battles


    1. codyr10 / 147 battles
    2. moreadria / 140 battles
    3. WelcomeToHellBABBY / 104 battles


    *Global winner