[US] Peace treaty challenge! (Forum Contest)

  • Commander,

    We are inviting you to take part of our Friendship challenge, participating is very simple:

    1.- Create the most original, funny and special PEACE treaty of all. You can include in it another player, alliance and even your favorite CM. Be very original, we will be rewarding originality and fun.

    2.- Publish your creation as a reply to THIS post (all entries will be hidden until the contest ends). You have until February 21st

    3.- Once the contest ends, the CMs will choose the best 3entries (this selection depends totally on the opinions of the CMs)

    4.- Once the 3 best are selected, YOU WILL CHOOSE THE WINNER by taking part of an open poll that will last for 3 days

    5.- The 3 winners will get a nice diamond reward to be added to any world of the server they won:

    1st place: 3000 Diamonds

    2nd place: 1500 Diamonds

    3rd place: 800 Diamonds

    6.- We will announce the winners ingame, forum and our facebook page

    As you can see, is very easy to take part on this contest... Don't miss the chance to get some diamonds! Of course we have some rules:

    Participation Rules:

    1.- Only ONE entry per player will be allowed (the first one)

    2.- Any use of offensive or inappropriate language will take you out of the contest

    3.- Winners will be decided by players by voting for their favorite top 3 contestant.

    4.- We reserve the right to cancel or change this contest at any time.

    5.- We reserve the right to change the winner list in case of irregularities

    6.- Rewards are Non transferible and can only be paid in a world from the game server the winner participated (DO ES, DO FR, DO DE)

    So... Show us what you've got, we are ready to read all your peace treaty and choose the best!

    Good luck!