[US] Update V 1.20.4 Issues and solutions information

  • Commander,

    As you know, our latest update brought some unwanted issues in game, which caused a lot of irregular actions to take place, generating irregular resources and advantage for some players.

    Our team (developers, Product management, CM, support, and Volunteers) is working very hard to get all these issues solved and everything back as it should. We want to be honest and keep you 100% informed on what is happening and what will be happening soon regarding these issues.

    So, please keep a close eye to this post that we will keep updated with the current most important information regarding all the issues.

    What are we doing to fix these issues?

    Solved Issues


    1.- Weapons cleanup: 

    The first step that we took was to remove all irregular weapons created, as well as revert any resource from the account that were gotten from these weapons creations being cancelled.

    Status: Done

    2.- Kerosene and Diesel inverted:

    One of the issues happening after the update was the fact that the amounts of Kerosene and Diesel were inverted for some players, this has been fixed by our dev teams.

    Status: DONE

    Issues in progress


    3.- Account manually cleaning (Currently underway in some servers): 

    The second step was to create a list of ALL irregular accounts and check them one by one, this will allow us to avoid irregular resources to be “hidden” by extra actions taken (like producing spy units, buildings and trade actions using the irregular gained money) and making sure all these are reverted to normal.

    Status: In progress

    4.- Diamonds refunds: 

    We are taking every report made via ticket and refunding any lost diamonds from the server maintenances and small rollbacks done. If this is your case, please report it via ticket and apologize any delay in the ticket handling, our support team is currently working to get all other issues fixed and ticket reply time might be slower than usual.

    We will make sure to make any needed refund on all accounts ASAP.

    Status: In progress (Depending on support requests)

    5.- Account values:

    To avoid a further abuse of the issue, we did a reset of the account value in all accounts after the last maintenance was lifted. This means that for some time you probably had no account value. This is fixed, however, if your account has been cleaned up by support for irregular actions in the following days, your account value will be suffering a reset again, don’t worry, it will be back to normal soon.

    Status: In progress (depending on support)

    6.- Support waiting time: 

    Since we are still working on checking EVERY irregular account and making sure all players are back to where they belong, our support ticket reply time will be longer than usual this next week. Please avoid sending more than ONE ticket about the same issue, we can assure you we will handle all support requests as fast and as efficiently as possible. We are sorry for the delay and we thank you very much for your understanding and patience.

    Until we are back on track, every ticket not related to Diamond conversion will be replied with an automatic reply, if the issue is not solved by our server actions (abusive actions from irregular accounts, suspicious players, etc) please reopen the original ticket next week. We will make sure to reply all pending requests.

    Status: In progress (We hope to be back at normal SOON)

    Pending Issues


    7.- Trade actions: 

    All trade offers that were not transferred before we started the maintenance have been included in the unit revoke, which caused that some player who paid for units didn’t received them or not the amount they bought.

    Our team is working on getting this fixed soon.

    Status: Pending

    8.- Missions cannot be finished/deleted

    Status: Pending

    9.- Playing on mobile does not work

    Status: Pending

    10.- "more" button in messages (for reports f.e.) is missing

    Status: Pending

    Thank you all for your feedback and understanding, we will continue to work to get all Issues solved and all accounts in their place ASAP.

    Feel free to report any issue you might find to our volunteers or support/CM team.

  • do_1204.png


    Last update as you know, generated some issues in the general gameplay and performance, this is why our developers have been working very hard to get them all solved to make sure the game is back to normal.

    Fixed Issues

    Please find here a list of Fixed issues, these changes are already live ingame.

    Units production The issue with the costs of units produced has been totally fixed and should not happen again, this was our main problem with the latest update, and our team has worked hard to make sure it not occurring again. About this issue, our support team has worked hard to make sure all affected accounts that used the bug are reverted to normal (no irregular resources remaining in the game).
    Skipping or cancelling quests: The issue preventing quests to be cancelled or skipped has been solved in both interfaces.
    Mobile version The mobile version of the game was fixed, including the loading, the function and the unit's contingency table.
    Management of inbox messages The mass selection for reading and deleting in the game inbox has been fixed and all issues related to it have been solved.
    Attacker/Defender info The player opening a report was always shown as the “attacker” in battle and espionage reports. This issue has been fixed and now the battle reports are showing correct information (This did not affect results in any battle)
    Missing Trade actions With the script that reverted the abuse of the unit production bug , some trade actions that were paid for the user, were not delivered. These money has been recredited to all the affected accounts.

    We will as always, continue to work to make your game experience as good as possible. We also want to thank you very much for your understanding, patience and trust during this time.

    See you on the battlefield!

    Your Desert Operations team.