[US] New Volunteers recruitment!

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    We have opened recruitment for volunteer GMs, Testers and Moderators for Wargame 1942!! The volunteers focus will be simple: to serve and grow the community. This can be a crucial first step in getting your foot in the door for the gaming industry and obtaining paid employment within a gaming company in the future.

    If you want to actively help improve our Desert Operations experience, this could be your chance!

    Volunteers will undergo at least a 3-4 week training period initially, before working independently while reporting to veteran GMs and CMs.

    Note: As an officially-endorsed helper, a volunteers' responsibilities will be taken very seriously. Unprofessional conduct will not be tolerated in any way. This includes chat in any form via any means (in-game, Discord chat and forum messages/posts).

    If you want to apply for a staff position, please read the following:

    Game Master tasks include:

    • Enforcing the game rules
    • Helping players with questions, game issues and technical problems
    • Resolving player disputes
    • Planning, organizing and hosting events
    • Listening to player concerns
    • Assist in testing new content and creation of FAQs.

    Testers tasks include:

    • Testing new content before it goes live.
    • Testing reported bugs and exploits.
    • Reproducing bugs for development team.
    • Assist in FAQ creation.

    Moderators tasks include:

    • Moderating the Wargame 1942 forums.
    • Upholding posted rules and Terms for the forums.
    • Holding forum events.
    • Assist in testing new content and creation of FAQs.


    • Minimum age of 18 years (must be proven)
    • Mature, helpful and easy-going personality
    • Good social skills
    • A cool head in the face of frustration
    • Great knowledge of English, both spoken and written
    • Extensive knowledge of the game and its rules
    • Ability to take constructive criticism
    • A good capacity for teamwork
    • Willingness to invest at least 10 hours per week (possibly more in certain situations)
    • A headset or speakers and microphone to interact with the team on Discord
    • Enthusiasm for the game, the community and the tasks assigned to you


    • Previous experience in a similar position
    • Working knowledge of any languages other than English

    You can send your application to using the subject "GM Application for Wargame 1942" with the following info:

    • Full name
    • Age / Date of birth
    • In-game names
    • Forum name
    • Experience•
    • Why you want to be a GM
    • What makes you stand out
    • Your best and worst experiences in Wargame 1942 (choose 1 of each)

    Serious inquiries only, please. Candidates that stand out will be contacted for further discussion.

    • Discussions and interviews will be done via voice chat. You will need to have a headset or speakers and microphone. All GM's, testers and Moderators are required to use voice chat on a daily basis.

    As a volunteer, all positions are at-will, and either side can choose to leave the agreement at any time.

    There is no minimum or maximum number of applicants that we will be taking at this time. It's all about quality.

    To apply send a Support Ticket (https://support.gamigo.com/hc/en-us), answer the questions above and title the ticket "GM Application for Wargame 1942".

    Good luck!