[HR] Game patch version 2021.1.1

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    We have released a new patch in all our game servers that have bring with it some small but important changes to our gameplay.

    All information about these are listed in this post:

    1.- Alliance Related quests: We have made changes to the quests requiring joining an alliance in order to be completed. These quests have been made optional, so if you are not interested in joining an alliance or are taking part of a server where alliances are not available, then you can just skip this quest and continue to the next one without affecting your game progress.

    2.- Bash or percentage loss levels: We have made one single group of bash or percentage losses to all players; these are no longer divided between “noob” or “experienced” players, all players in the server will have the same configuration of percentage loss when being attacked (33%, 33%, 25%, etc). This will make easier your strategy and defense plans.

    3.- Daily Diamond Bubbles: Diamonds, who doesn’t want more of them, right? We know this to be true, therefore starting now, you will be able to redeem the daily diamond boost 2 times a day instead of 1. But this is not all, the amount of diamonds have also been increased, now instead of 1 daily boost of 5 diamonds, you will be able to get 2 of 10 diamonds.

    Make sure to plan your redeem times correctly, since you have to wait 12h before being able to redeem the next one (if you redeem it at 4pm you’ll have to redeem the next one at 4am).

    For our Special offers including Diamonds boosts, they will work a little different too, you will be able to collect HALF the boost In one claim and the other half on the second claim. For example: You purchased a boost with 2000 extra diamonds, you will be able to claim 1010 diamonds in one click and 1010 on the next one 12h after (2000 + the default 20diam).