[US] THE BLACK HAND - Special Summer challenge!

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    We welcome you our brand new AMAZING and INTENSE CHALLENGE for you!

    It will be divided in 4 parts with a main event, each one will have 3 winners and at the end of them we will have one LOCAL winner (the best from each Geo)

    Want to know more? Keep reading!

    Challenge Parts


    numer 1


    Oath and Commitment

    July 15th - 20th (Included)

    numer 2


    Marked by Fire

    July 22nd - 27th (Included)



    Unification of Death

    July 29th - August 3rd (Included)

    numer 4

    Global Uprising

    August 5th - 10th (Included)



    For each individual chapter, our 3 top winners will get:

    Rank Points Diamonds Achievement
    1 5 10.000 Gold Achievement
    2 3 7.500 Silver Achievement
    3 1 5.500 Bronze Achievement


    • The LAST chapter will give DOUBLE points to all winners

    Local Winner (One for each GEO):

    The top 3 players (players with most points) from all worlds in one geo will get:

    Rank Diamonds Achievement
    1 75.000 Diamond Achievement
    2 40.000 Platinum Achievement
    3 25.000 Steel Achievement



    • Support reserves the right to exclude any player for any irregularity, without notice and without any right to dispute nor compensation;
    • The use of the holiday mode during the last 48 hours of any individual or bonus challenge, automatically disqualifies the participant from that individual challenge.
    • Any sanction received during the full time period of the global challenge automatically disqualifies the participant from all 4 individual challenges and the local one, as well as coming out of a temporary lock after the initial challenge began or being sanctioned after it ended and before the final results are published;
    • In the event of an irregularity, support can revoke credited rewards!
    • Participation is free and not mandatory and only requires a game account. By participating you have agreed that your nickname is mentioned as a participant and/or a potential winner. Prizes are only in the game virtual currency: diamonds and in game resources (LP - loyalty points);
    • Listed winners are not entitled to additional gains or compensation than those listed. Prizes can only be rewarded in the one world where they were won;
    • Prizes cannot be exchanged nor transferred and participation and/or selection does not entitle to additional benefits nor compensation;
    • We reserve the right to terminate the contest before its end for good cause. Such a termination shall be deemed to have occurred in particular if, for technical, organizational or legal reasons, the proper performance of the contest cannot be guaranteed.
    • The specific rules and content for each challenge will be made public with the launch of the weekend event on the days mentioned above.
    • You are allowed to participate in as many worlds as you play. However, the final price of the global challenge will only count your performance and results obtained in the same server. In addition, a player can only receive one reward per challenge and one world prize even if he has won in several worlds. E.g. winning 3 points in world A and 2 points in world B does not equal winning 5 points.
    • For any question and/or concern, send a ticket to your support team that will answer all your doubts.
  • numer 1

    Oath and Commitment



    1. 🥇Alphahydraomega / Combat: 226
    2. 🥈carcuvemo / Combat: 160
    3. 🥉Generalmhdnalif / Combat: 155


    1. 🥇Kevinlee / Combat: 471
    2. 🥈codyr10 / Combat: 336
    3. 🥉szomszid1 / Combat: 84
  • numer 2

    Marked by Fire


    1. 🥇Alphahydraomega / Buildings: 26109
    2. 🥈marango / Buildings: 9559
    3. 🥉Admiral / Buildings: 8743


    1. 🥇Kevinlee / Buildings: 31209
    2. 🥈Kakaokalle01 / Buildings: 5969
    3. 🥉Frankie_Stewart / Buildings: 4817

  • 4397-3-png

    Unification of death


    1. 🥇Alphahydraomega / 51,017 Battle points
    2. 🥈Admiral / 25,731 Battle Points
    3. 🥉Generalmhdnalif / 25,579 Battle Points


    1. 🥇codyr10 / 59,254 Battle Points
    2. 🥈cardinalbob / 28,363 Battle Points
    3. 🥉herpesKing / 26,173 Battle Points

  • numer 4

    Global uprising


    1. 🥇Alphahydraomega / 455 combats + spíos
    2. 🥈carcuvemo / 220 Combats + spíos
    3. 🥉Ivan_Grozni / 170 Combats + spíos


    1. 🥇codyr10 / 822 Combats + spíos
    2. 🥈Kevinlee / 617 Combats + spíos
    3. 🥉cardinalbob / 456 Combats + spíos