[US] THE BLACK HAND – I. Oath and Commitment

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    THE BLACK HAND – I. Oath and Commitment


    Do not forget that starting tomorrow our special CHALLENGE Event "BLACK HAND" will take place!

    We invite you to visit out shop where you'll find great special offers customized for you and also our Daily Diamond BOOST bonus and HQ packs!

    It is time to get READY for the next phase on the battlefield!

    The fun this week has just begun!

    The events we prepare are:


    • Refresh of all Premium quest/13th wave (7d)
    • Diamond exchange: 16X for $$$/Oil
    • Factor: 5-12 (battle highscore, 1h avrg)
    • Oil can be acquired from Diamonds
    • Black Market (end Monday 23:59)
    • HQ Express

    Thursday (end Monday 23:59):

    • Top points
    • +20% diamonds on dinner
    • 1 ammo per unit
    • Gold/Fuel -75%
    • Travel times -60%
    • Challenge: Prize for most won combats
    • Special units for diamonds
    • Discount for changing Weather with diamonds
    • Weather with faster travel times


    • Stay Tuned for Additional Events!


    • Stay Tuned for Additional Events!

    Chapter IV

    • HQ Express
    • Regular top event
    • Premium units via money
    • Diamonds x9 all
    • Defense values x2
    • Travel/Ammo/Fuel -70%
    • Mercenary treat
    • Spy units cost -70%

    Ends Monday 23:59