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    Please find here what we are currently working on and developing for your game. You will find the upcoming changes with an approximative release period. We have decided to provide release periods rather than set dates in the event than anything slows down our progress or if any other priority comes along and ""steals"" a release spot.

    We will keep this organized as ""upcoming releases"" for what is next to be live, ""planned releases"" for updates to come and ""in design"" for changes and/or additions we are currently working on and that are yet to get an ETA (estimated time of arrival).

    Note that all releases related to features, whether brand new or changes brought to an existing feature, come from direct request from you, our community, or from what we consider to be the most needed addition/change for the game in its current version.

    You want to see something added or changed here? Never hesitate to let us know, we're always happy and excited to hear from you in the interest of the game! (tickets, game chat etc.)"¿

    We will keep all issues up-to-date with their most current status with the somewhat standard status of "on track", "delayed" (with possible reasons) and "at risk" if it looks like we won't be able to meet our initial deadline.

    We hope that you find this useful and that you share with us your feedback on the roadmap, be it questions or remarks. Every feedback is always welcome.

    Upcoming releases:



    • Number format reform (In design)

    Bug fix:

    • Account value chart fix

    More to come...

    Estimated date of release: December 2021

    Status: ON TRACK

    In Design (features)


    • Drastically extending the alliance gameplay.
    • Adding levels to production buildings to improve their tick.




    • Providing a comprehensive solution to avoid pushing problems. Keeping a gameplay fun and challenging while balanced: protecting players from pushed accounts and preventing players observing rules from having their account moderated by support (in the event of attacking in good faith a player who gave away his buildings). Adding more strategic elements to battles in general.
    • Special extra content for the hungry.


    • Lot of technical optimizations for databases.


    • Problems in trade with very large numbers preventing sales/purchases will be fixed with this version.

    Estimated date of release: Mid September

    Status: RELEASED!



    • Resolving the problems many players face with too many inactive accounts in their highscore/top group (or too little actives).

    Estimated Date of release: October 27th - 28th 2021

    Status: RELEASED

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  • V2021.2.1

    What's new?

    New Highscore with ONLY active players:

    With this new feature released today, we will hide from the highscore all inactive players so you can select really challenging opponent.

    This will help with general performance in special events such as the Highscore progress events allowing all players, from any part of the highscore, to increase their score and reach the podium.

    Any account hidden from the highscore for inactivity, will re-appear once the user logins for the first time. No account will be deleted.

    New Building levels:

    We have added brand new levels to the production building. To keep your base always moving and upgrading, you'll now be able to unlock 10 extra levels for all our production buildings that will help you MASSIVELY improve your base tick. Having enough resources to conquer all opponents will now be easier than ever!

    New Boosts:

    We have been working in new items and game boosts to really help you get the best of this new game version... Wait for it!