[BA] Game Update V 2021.2!!

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    We want to welcome you to the NEW and IMPROVED version of Wargame 1942, which will include several mayor changes and fixes.

    Here is all the things you should know:


    New features :


    New resource: Population

    Enhancing our game has always been our priority. To spice up things a little bit and making them more challenging and fun for all our players, we just added a new resource to our pool which will require all your strategic prowess to make you the best Commander there is. We are happy to introduce our brand-new resource: Population!

    What is Population?

    Is the newest feature in the game, created to bring back the strategy aspect to the game and boost fair play while improving the activity level in our servers. It is a resource based on your account value that will determine the amount of buildings you can earn from a winning attack.

    Production buildings will need a certain amount of people to be operated and maintained (refineries, factories, ammunition factories and gold mines). Population will be vital for your account's progress. Happy citizens will make for a great country of war in our Wargame1942 world.

    Any buildings you make or any buildings you conquer through combat, will need population. Even if your opponent has the top bash level, you may not obtain the full bounty when you attack if you don't have enough population. Population is influenced by your account value and can be improved by Residential Buildings & Skyscrapers. The maximum number of buildings you can obtain with an attack will be displayed on your target's profile.

    Increase your population to get more buildings with every successful attack!


    Residential Buildings: 6.920 * 10^6

    Skyscrapers: 64.032 * 10^6

    Account value: 8.690 * 10^6

    Total value: 79.642 * 10^6

    Of course, this big new feature will come with some important changes in the game UI that you should be aware of:

    • Battle reports: These will now show the amount transferred after the fight according to the winner's population count.
    • Spy reports on buildings: These will now show the maximum transferrable number of buildings – considering a 100% victory and excluding possible bash level drops.
    • Player points and battle points: are moved from the buildings section to the general section of the user details.
    • Bash level percentage: The one displayed in user details will be shown only to the owner of the account. For other player's details, after the headline "buildings", an explanation will be displayed with an info icon and a tooltip explaining how you can increase your population value based on buildings and account value.
    • Building counts: Now it show the transferable amount considering the viewer's population value and current bash level for target.

    Black Market Boost

    As requested from many players, we have made the Black-Market Happy Hour available to be purchased in the shop so you can match it to conversion events and get it active whenever it suits you the best. This won’t replace the random normal Black Market Happy Hours in the servers.


    Important Fixes:

    • Fixed trade not available for biggest/longest numbers: We understand this could be a big issue for our biggest players, and therefore we have made sure now, all numbers are supported, and you can trade as much as you want or need.
    • The Building agent has been improved, sub buildings that aren't yet built, are now allowed. In other words, the first levels of sub buildings were not available for the agent feature, but now they are. This will help you save time, and it will hugely help improve your strategy and planning for those moments you can’t be 100% online.
    • We have rewritten the message when you try to leave an alliance before the required delay has expired, this will allow you to have a better understanding on why you can’t perform this action.


    As you can see, we have worked very hard in bringing all these great changes to the game that we are sure will make your game experience a better one. This update, in conjunction with the redesigned HQ levels, will allow you to skyrocket and develop your account like never before, while not allowing shortcuts and cheats that impair the games fair play and balance.

    Thank you so much for your preference, we will continue to work to make this, your game, the best browser game for you.

    See you on the battle field!

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