[US] Extra gifts for you! - Voucher codes!

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    Our top brass generals have had a very serious and important discussion with our Finance minister and they have decided it is time to support your war efforts as they should!

    This is why, starting NOW, some new vouchers code have joined our financial boost:

    For every purchase of 25 up to 49 USD you'll get:

    • 1.000 Diam
    • 50 extra daily diam X2 (4days)

    For every purchase of 50 USD or more, you'll get:

    • 2.000 Diam
    • 100 extra daily diam x2 (5 days) 

    (Limited to 15 purchases per player in total)

    This financial aid will be available from November 5th 20:00 CEST until Wednesday November 10th at 17:00 CEST (11:00 Local time)

    To get your voucher, simply write a support ticket with your gamigo Payment ID number and world where it was made and our team will give you the voucher at their earliest opportunity.

    We hope this will help you reach triumph and glory as you deserve!

    See you in the Battlefield.