I need help with an alliance which is bothering me

  • the problem is that they take revenge on me because I left when they gave me the choice to either install the communicator on windows 98 or they throw me out, I chose 2 options and left myself. Then explaining why they take their revenge by accident, I got 10,000 diamonds and a little support from them with the raw materials that I gave them back through taxes and they claim that I robbed them. I write to the support a few times but they don't care and they don't do anything about it. I have attacks 16 times a day, then a player called Con voi reduces the number of points and buildings and continues attacking 16 times a day has armies of 20,000 undefined and lets go of 4 attacks, so I have no chance at all to defend and rebuild, please help, although maybe the players will help me suppress this player, which is bothering me for no reason and cannot be rebuilt. Below photos for proof



    Server Opozycja(PL)

    nick Mateusz42134

    attacker Con voi (supporter nesti0)

    PLs help