Update June 2019 (v1.19.2)

  • Generals,

    With this update, we are paving the way for two massive updates to be released this year. All of which will contain ground breaking features. We will introduce each update as they are released and give you all their details when the time comes.

    But while you may not notice much changes with this current update, we insist to remind you that it mainly consists of the architecture for the upcoming features that will make 2019 one of the most — if not THE most important year in the game’s history so far…


    • More ergonomic browsing allowed in the weapons factory, if researches to build units are missing;
    • Defense (ground/fixed) units are restricted to the defense fleet;
    • Premium units are not showing a production time if they are instantly built;
    • A dedicated tab for the notification conditions and contact (email+sms) has been added in the user’s parameters;


    • Allowed for a new type of BK round with a different gameplay;
    • Preventing « empty fleets » from being sent and/or stuck and leaving a player with only 2 useable fleets;
    • Fraud/cheating detection tool improved;


    the Looki Team.