Loyalty points FAQS

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    You are a Desert-Operations player. You play, you build, attack, research, trade, spy, convert… You do everything DO has to offer and you only ask for one thing in return: fun. And fun is what you have; and fun is what we want you to never stop having.

    But we’ve decided to bring you and the game to the next level. No less! We want to offer you the highest satisfaction possible. We want to reward you for everything you do in game and really reward you…

    This is why we developed the Loyalty Program.

    As the name implies, the program rewards your loyalty. But what is being loyal in Desert-Operations?

    The answer is simple: being loyal is playing the game.

    Therefore, we have decided to track the following actions and to reward them accordingly. The more you do them, the more you will be rewarded with Loyalty Points:

    1. Win Attacks (defending and attacking);

    2. Win Spy actions (also defending and attacking);

    3. Buy Diamonds;

    4. Use Diamonds (bought and earned/given).

    These four actions will add loyalty points to your account. Every month, for one month, you will be collecting these as long as you do some of the four mentioned actions. You don’t spy much? Then attack! You don’t buy much diamonds? Then attack and spy! You do it all? Then keep going, and try to get as many points as possible. We’ve designed the program to reward any type of player, as long as they are true players. When the month is over, two things will happen:

    1. You will be able to use your earned LP’s to buy special boosts, individual and promotional offers, game advantages, nick changes etc. directly within the game’s diner;

    2. You will start collecting LP’s for the current month, which you will be able to use when the next month kicks in.

    This month we are introducing the program for its very first month: you will start to collect your LP’s for September. In October, you will be able to use them, while you collect October’s points, which you will then use in November. And every month this will keep on going the very same way.

    In the near future, we will introduce dedicated events to increase the amount of LP’s you can collect for certain actions, create challenges to collect as much as possible during a limited time, propose unique items to purchase with LP’s in the diner, grant achievements for following the program month-to-month and much, much more!

    Please note that the amount of points you can collect from different actions is subject to change without notice, in order to ensure the program’s best functionality and avoid any eventual unbalance in the game’s traditional gameplay. Also note that different countries may use different ratios of points per similar actions and different prices in Diner. Prices in diner are also subject to change without notice, such as proposed offers may « rotate » and be regularly replaced by other offers or removed, also without given notice. We will focus on proposing the most balanced and challenging gameplay, and the proper rewards that you can unlock from it on a constant basis.

    It’s beginning now…

    So… Start playing!

    Here you can find Loyalty points FAQS