Events 02/01

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    • Top Ally
    • No Holidays
    • Refineries + mines income x3
    • Bank Interests +4%
    • Ammo / Fuel / Gold -50%
    • Diamond 8 x $ and 6 x all
    • Travel -75%
    • Defense x3
    • Spy units cost -75%
    • 0% Bash until 3am on the 7th

    Commanders, here you can find all the informations about TOP Ally event:

    • Alliances are regrouped into groups based on their average points;
    • The number of alliances per group is determined for each event and world in particular;
    • From the beginning of the Top Ally, the current diplomacy is suspended: wars, confederations, existing and current NAPs are canceled until the end of the event - diplomacy resumes at the end of the event as it was before its launch;
    • Players can not enter or exit an alliance during the event;
    • Vacation mode is canceled for the duration of the event;
    • Within a group of alliances, all players can attack each other: there is no restriction based on points or account values;
    • To avoid abuse (fake fights, push...), everyone is kept at a 0% Bash for the duration of the event and up to 2h after its end.
    • As soon as a player in an alliance attacks a player from another alliance, a "forced war" is triggered between the two alliances: the conditions of forced wars are identical to those of traditional wars and the categories to be won are also the the same (kero 2, diesel 2, ammos 1, counterattacks 3, defenses destroyed 3, battles won 10), with the difference that each won war brings 10 additional points to the winning alliance;
    • The number of forced wars per group is determined for each event (for example, in a group of 5 alliances, the event may propose a forced war with the other alliances of the group, or only 1, 2 or 3 forced wars).
    • Fights conducted outside of forced wars, as between two players belonging to no alliance or between two alliances without forced wars, do not grant points;
    • At the end of the Top Ally, 3 alliances are declared winners for each world. These are the 3 alliances with the most points earned during forced wars.
    • In the case of a tie, the alliance with the most winning fights (recorded during its won wars only, winning fights of lost wars are not counted in this case) will prevail.

    Important points:

    • Remember that a victorious alliance gets rewarded the usual war rewards (percentage of resources committed);
    • An alliance that has not won the war can still win one or more categories and get some loot after the event;
    • To "validate" a war and count it at the end of the event, at least 20 fights must be recorded;
    • Forced wars end with the event, they can not end after the event (no extension possible);
    • Do not forget that each attack launched counts the resources committed for the final loot!
    • The more you attack, the more resources you consume, the more you will fill the cashbox of your alliance.
    • The multiplier allows your members to make the most of the spoils of the alliance!
    • If you do not belong to an active alliance when the event begins, you will not be transferred after it began;
    • Transfer requests before the event begins can be accepted or denied by support, depending on the given delay and the player's history;
    • Suspicion of frauds and or attempts to violate the rules of the game and of the event may result in denied transfers;
    • Individual irregularities that do not influence the outcome of the competition will be sanctioned individually;
    • Individual or collective irregularities that influence the outcome of the contest will be sanctioned individually and will result in the exclusion of the alliance (s);
    • Support reserves the right to exclude any player and or alliance for any irregularity, without notice and without any right to dispute;
    • Participation is free and not mandatory and only requires a game account. By participating you have agreed that your nickname is mentioned as a participant and/or a potential winner. Prizes are only in the game virtual currency: diamonds and in game resources. Listed winners are not entitled to additional gains or compensation than those listed. Prizes can only be rewarded in the one world where they were won. Prizes cannot be exchanged nor transferred and participation and/or selection does not entitle to additional benefits nor compensation.
    • We reserve the right to terminate the contest before its end for good cause. Such a termination shall be deemed to have occurred in particular if, for technical, organizational or legal reasons, the proper performance of the contest cannot be guaranteed.


    1st Ally: 750 diamonds/player + Ally transfers x5

    2nd Ally: 300 diamonds/player + Ally transfers x3

    3rd Ally: 150 diamonds/player + Ally transfers x2