Domination III

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    The third part of the DOMINATION challenge is launched with this event. The rules are simple: the 3 players from each server who will register the most winning attacks+ spies (sent / received) during the event will be rewarded. The first 5 will earn points for the global challenge.

    Irregularities will disqualify you!

    The competition will start at 6 p.m. on Thursday and end at 11.59 p.m. on Tuesday.

    For maximum fair play, we have divided the ranking into groups of equal size.

    • You are allowed to participate in as many servers as you play to maximize your chances.
    • But keep in mind that the final price of the global challenge will only count your performance and results obtained in the same world.
    • In addition, a player can only receive one reward per challenge and one overall prize if he has won in several worlds.
    • For example, earning 3 points in Server A and 2 points in Server B does not mean earning 5 points. For any questions and / or concerns, send a ticket to your support team who will answer all your doubts.


    • The support reserves the right to exclude any player for any irregularity, without notice and without the right of objection or compensation;
    • The use of the vacation mode during the entire duration of the global challenge [from March 19 to April 14 (inclusive)], even outside the regular event time, automatically excludes the participant from the 4 individual challenges and the global challenge;
    • Any sanction received during the duration of the global challenge automatically disqualifies the participant from the 4 individual challenges and the global challenge, as well as the exit of a temporary padlock after the start of the challenge or a sanction after the final challenge and before the final publication of the results;
    • Participation is free and not compulsory and requires only a game account;
    • By participating, you accept that your username is mentioned as a potential participant and / or winner;
    • Prizes are only in virtual currency and game resources: diamonds and LP (loyalty points).
    • The winners appearing on the list may not claim gains or compensation in addition to those indicated;
    • Prizes can only be awarded on the server where they were won.
    • Prizes cannot be exchanged or transferred, and participation and / or selection does not give rise to any additional advantage or compensation;
    • We reserve the right to end the contest before it ends for a good cause. Such termination may occur in particular if, for technical, organizational or legal reasons, the smooth running of the competition cannot be guaranteed.
  • Commanders,

    here are the winners of the event:


    Утёс 5 points

    Arslan 4 points

    Отец Иоанн 3 points

    Kuban 2 points

    CrazyLiLiuu 1 point


    loko1967 5 points

    SrKosSr 4 points

    vova3Crazy 3 points

    Katya_Crazy112 2 points

    akishuk 1 point


    olegSOV 5 points

    makoi125 4 points

    Uzlarin 3 points

    killerpavel 2 points

    dittor 1 point


    zinger995 5 points

    Ob*JloM 4 points

    IchbinKot 3 points

    Dzuljeta 2 points

    SERG000 1 point


    144 5 points

    Sith 4 points

    051TOM77 3 points

    alekskornuk 2 points

    SDIMASV 1 point