events on foxtrot

  • Hello,

    I have been playing this "game" in the world of Foxtrot for several years now. Meanwhile I play in the Top30, sometimes better, sometimes worse.

    At the moment there is some kind of event every week, I would describe it more aptly as a "slaughter".

    Week after week...

    In the last 7 days I was attacked about 50 times.

    For 5% of the buildings, fleets are moved by the top 10 players, of which I couldn't even tell you how many zeros that number has. I'm not even thinking about defending.

    Has anyone at Looki ever seriously wondered where the fun in the game comes from? What's the point of buying diamonds, attacking a player if I lose everything again at one of these great events?

    It's extremely pointless and I'm certainly not the only player who thinks like that by now.

    Change your events and design your game so that you have a chance to develop!

    At the moment, you're treading on the spot.

    Maybe you can think and change of something.