Old mission

  • Helo, may I have a little help with this old mission

    • (1) How many battle points do you get at least for a won battle?
    • (2) How many minutes are between battles at least?
    • (3) How many times is a player allowed to be spied out within 12h and with an accuracy of 100%?
    • (4) How many points does an alliance receive in a war for the won category "Munition"?
    • (5) How is the medal called that is received by an alliance when 150 members logged in within the last 7 days?

    I think these answers are correct

    1. 67

    2. 5

    3. 6

    4. 1

    but I have a problem with the last answer, I tried

    - narodna udruga u platini

    - People club Platinum

    - folk association in platinum

    - Social Club In Platinum

    - People's Association In platinum

    and does not accept any of this

    Help please, thanx....