June Update and Changelog

  • Commanders,

    Today we just updated Desert Operations to the game's latest version. This version brings the changes and fixes detailed below.


    • Alliance high score would in certain circumstances not update. It has been solved to provide 100% accuracy.
    • Trade offers that had been deleted could be under certain circumstances bought, resulting in a buyer spending dollars and never getting his goods. This behavior has been corrected.
    • Certain spy action cancelations would not return the appropriate amount of gold. It has also been corrected.


    • We have access to more boosts that we can propose (such as the daily diamond boost) in the item shop. We will propose bundles to answer everybody’s needs.
    • We added HQ Levels to the following worlds: Alpha & Delta.
    • We modified the resizing mechanic of the chat window: in previous versions of the game, the chat that would become bigger than the browser window (when increased in size) could not be minimized when accessing the game with a lower resolution browser. It is now resizable in all circumstances.
    • We added navigation arrows to the highscore: a new button to the player details to get to the previous and to the next player details (according to their rank in the highscore).
    • We introduced a more reliable payout option to the top alliance daily transfer boost: no matter when the event is rewarded, the duration of the boost will be ensured (whereas before it was estimated to match the time needed by support to investigate).
    • All new “A Storm is Coming” achievements are now added to the game. They will start to be credited to winners as the challenge results start to come in.
    • The offers in the shop have been updated and changed permanently.

    This version also brings the possibility to merge game servers together, by bringing the players’ accounts from one world into another and combine all accounts into the same ranking. Two “smaller” worlds could be brought together into a larger, more active one: a “source world”, from which all active accounts would be taken, to be imported into a “target world”, where all existing accounts remain and the others are added. More players, more fun… more wars!!!

    While this new feature opens up endless possibilities for you and us, there are a few structural and gameplay limitations to take into account. For example, only worlds from the same game version (such as the worlds of Desert Operations in the US region) can be merged together. Also, only worlds “compatible” in terms of accounts “size” will be merged. Then, considering worlds all have their specific “setup” (frequency of bank payouts, bash levels, default oil conversion rates etc.), merging two worlds implies to decide which configuration values to keep.

    Last but not least, there are conditions that apply to players’ accounts themselves: when merging two worlds, if any user has an account in both, his accounts will be merged together so he doesn’t lose anything; if he has an account in one of the two worlds only, the merge will not directly affect his account which will either remain in the “target world” or be imported from the “source world”.

    Because it has been designed for you, we’d like you to take part in it by sharing with us your ideas and suggestions. Keeping in mind these limitations, what worlds would you like to see merged together? From the merged worlds, which particular setup of the two would you keep, etc. Send us your suggestions, post your ideas in this thread, we’ll be happy to read what you have in mind.

    Your dedicated Desert Operations US Team

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  • Is the merger of accounts Mandatory or voluntary?

    What determines account "size" , account value or points?

    If I have 10 geo's on 1 sever and 50 on another, do I get 60 on the combined server? if so, how does that work with banks? as they are limited.

    if not how will you compensate players for lost Banks, geo's and or "game value" that was purchased with real money?

    If my game value is 100 on one server and 100 on the other, will my game value on the combined sever be 200? Or 100?

  • We haven't determined yet if we will merge servers. The possibility is there, however, and we'll consider this merger based on your comments and the activity of the fronts.

    Account size, value or points will be determined by both accounts. I believe it will be possible to sum resources and units. But researches, upgraded buildings and HQ will stay the same for the highest account.

    The third question is a good one. And I'll share it with the team. :)

    And no, we won't sum values. It will depend on both accounts to reach an average that will be satisfying for both: the player and the new front as a general. Value is determined by many things, one of the is the configuration of the server. Ideally, we would only merge servers who had identical configurations in how the account value is measured, but I don't think that will be possible.

    If you have more questions, let me know and I'll answer them to the best of my knowledge so far. This is new territory :)