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    Is there a problem with Support at the moment. Put in 2 tickets on the 4 and 5 April respectively regarding possible game bugs and have not had a response to either of them.

    The failure of the 1:1 oil conversion event ,from 12.00 Noon on Sunday 27 September, spoilt the game strategy for many players. Many had invested large sums in oil purchase ready for the event and your failure left us high and dry. The event did not start until you returned to your offices on Monday morning. There has been no apology or explanation so a zero score yet again for customer relations. Are you going to issue any form of compensation?:cursing:

    Disagree, it is difficult to fully comment on proposals that are not fully published. For example which worlds are they proposing to merge? Some players belong to one Alliance on say the Western server and a different one on Eastern-at face value this would make any merger difficult. If players are going to be asked which Alliance they wish to remain in this will impact on one or the other of the long standing existing Alliances. Moreover how would you split the Alliance funds that have been paid for by the exiting members? It is for the game makers to publish the detail for comment not for us to try and guess.

    I would imagine that this proposal stems from the fact that there is a falling active population on the UK servers on all fronts. I left Western front as I was fed up with being cannon fodder for about 4 big players. I would imagine that if you merge all accounts into 1 server and game the points raised by saeed above will come into play. The stronger players will become stronger if they have accounts in other worlds as all of their resources will be merged. If a player has only one account and is forced into the merged world he will be up against players who have just had a huge increase in their resource pot and will fall as easy prey as a consequence. Yes there may be more players in a merged world but as players have been leaving the game as they can not compete with the large Diamond players more will become discouraged if they become just more cannon fodder. What seems to be one of the main issues here is the huge disparity between the buying power of a Diamond between very strong and weaker players and events that let the strong players loose on the weaker ones. When I last played a few years ago there was a Top 50 event. If you wanted to be a big player then you played there. If you wanted to play for fum you stayed out of the Top 50 it was better that way for all. Also Events started on a Friday afternoon and finished on a Sunday night. This catered for players who worked during the week. The current events running for nearly 5 days at a time are killing the game.

    Despite your contentions as usual you say the game was running correctly it was not. I raised ticket and you still did not correct will not be raising tickets or posting again as it is a waste of time. You always say it is running properly even when we send you screen shots to show it is not.

    Now had a reply to the ticket asking me to try again now-Support have corrected the error by removing all Special and defense units from Diamonds-all can be purchased for cash-not the event as advertised.

    Raised a ticket on Friday morning pointing out that not all Special and Defence units were available via Diamonds as advertised but units such as minesweepers were.

    Got the acknowledgement e mail from support stating that someone would look into it-no correction to date. Is it worthwhile raising tickets? I think not.

    Since the end of this weekends' event my Account value under More Info in the Exchange Diamonds area has dropped some 300,000 Bil.

    This is caused by my Resources value suddenly being set to zero.

    Has this happened to anyone else on the Southern Front UK server?;(