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    Totally agree, I play on other fronts / servers as I had mentioned in my post, always with the same devices, if in fact there were multi-accounts I would have also been blocked on those same fronts, and I find it very strange and doubtful to have a system doubt or receive a complaint and automatically prosecute, judge and convict a player without any evidence of such infringement! they can see my registration on other servers and easily confirm what I am saying, this is absurd. I would never play with another account on the same front, if it is true of what they accuse me, show me the proof! It is a tremendous lack of respect what they are doing.

    Congratulations!! gamigo, they just gave the prizes to those who did not deserve to win anything! This is a joke, I took a block by multi account !! ahahaha how ??? I am Portuguese, I live in Portugal, I play YES on other servers, namely pt.server, I do not know anyone here personally, I only loggin through my phone and pc! give me padlock for multi account ?? What was that for? to not give the diamonds ?? Do not make fun of people who spend time and money in this game !! be ashamed !!!