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    The last event contained an element called Mercenary Treaty-could you please tell me what this is please as I can find no reference to it in the rules or Wiki. Thanks.

    Until a recent event an Alliance needed 10 members to be ranked and have the ability to declare war etc. This figure was reduced to 7 for the event but has never been set back to 10. Is there an intention to do so?

    It is quite simple as far as a lot of us are concerned-we work during the week and can not spend the time to log in and play on a regular basis. If you continue to introduce mid-week events ,with bash rates refreshing every six hours, and we find our accounts farmed we will not be rushing to your shop to buy more Diamonds to try and make up the losses. We will either leave or just let the accounts go dormant. Your revenue will lose out in the long term.

    What is going on here we have just has an event finish at 23.59 on Monday evening and within 12 hours you launch another 48 hour top event and then probably another one on Thursday.

    Not all players are available 24/7 to play, the event before last weekend's was No Holidays why are you forcing us to play for so many periods? The view of many players is that your business model is to get us to spend as much as possible on Diamonds to make up for any losses or to stay in the game. Quite frankly it is having the opposite impact-many will take leave or just let their accounts fall down the rankings. Why can we not go back to the Looki event timetable-events from Friday to Sunday. Ever since Gamigo took over the drive has been for us to spend more in both time and money-you are killing the game.

    Thanks for this response. We are now at a loss as to why when we reported a player for the above type of action that the attacks were not revoked. However we will keep this explanation and another that we have received regarding the breaking of a NAP together and will report again if the player concerned does not in our view follow these rules.

    Thank you for your reply. What is the position about dropping points by deliberately failing to defend attacks when you have the resource to defend them in order to drop from one group to another during a top event and then using your large fleet to attack those in the lower group? In addition what is the position of a player leaving an Alliance and then letting members of his former Alliance to attack him and win on order to drop points and re-distribute buildings within the former Alliance. Once this has been done the player then returns to the Alliance.

    Good Evening. Could you please confirm that is within the rules to reduce points by not defending attacks or sending very weak fleets in order to reduce points values, and once achieving the required lower points level start attacking with very large fleets. To all intents and purposes the result achieved is the same as that in a tear down event. Thanks.

    I still not comprehend why Looki/Gamigo took such severe action-was it so terrible that for a couple of days we received the benefit of extra from our own resorces? If they were concerned that we would not buy as many Diamonds their corrective action has had the opposite effect-people are deleting their entire accounts and therefore the potential customer sales basehas been reduced. This is a customer relations disaster.

    I am not asking about refunds I am asking what did you do with the resource that you deleted from individual players. Did you return it to the Alliance Finance area or simply delete it? The amounts that you deleted came from the Alliance funds in the first place-allowing me to allocate extra resource from Alliance funds is not the point as it simply takes more money out of the Alliance to replace what you deleted.

    I know you published the message after I made the original posting but there still remains a question.

    Your notice clearly states that you have cancelled all transfers from the date of the update following an error.

    My question remains did you then refund the money back to the Alliance central pots. I can not see any receipts of funds back to this Alliance on the Finance screens. Whilst it was correct to correct the error it would not be proper for the Alliance to suffer an overall loss.

    Some of my Alliance on UK Western players are reporting that their oil and gold figures are negative overnight. One of them has supplied me with a message from the Dutch server.

    Due to a calculation error, we had to cancel all the latest Alliance transfers that were done since our last game update.
    We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience, and to make it up to you, we have decided to increase the maximum payout factor by 3 for the next 7 days.
    Starting now, you will be able to receive 3 times the usual daily transfers from your alliance, until next Saturday.
    Please accept our most sincere apologies and make the best of this extra resources coming your way.

    Your dedicated Wargame1942 team

    Has Looki support made such amendments on the UK server with no notification-if you have are you going to return the resource back to the Alliance central funds and how are you going to compensate for the fact that with negative figures some of my players will not be able to take part in the oil conversion event.

    Why was this event changed on Friday afternoon. We had an earlier Wargame News Message on Friday morning saying that for the remainder of the event the ranges were increased from between 400% to 25%. I was attacking people above me. I had just spent 90 Diamonds on changing the weather and then the proxy to the Looki server was lost for a few minutes then when it came back we had a Top event. Running from 1-20 then 21-50 etc. I could no longer reach the players I wanted to as I was 21 in the rankings and lost the benefit of the Diamonds I had just spent.

    I am sitting here expecting the published last element of this event HQ Time reduction and a max of 4,500 to complete HQ and Building construction etc. Supposed to start to-day but still waiting at 14.43 server time. Is there going to be one??

    Yes, one of my tickets was fixed, still have another open as on an iPad the sliders do not work and the system keeps putting zeros in on the assign units screen which need to be removed before you can move the units you want. Also just discovered another error where you can no longer alter the sequence of units once you have launched the fleet into attack-another retrograde error. Was this update ever tested before release-it also seems to have caused no end of trouble just to let us put a fleet name in which was an enhancement that was not really needed-adds nothing to the game.

    How are we supposed to play the game at the moment when the latest release has introduced errors so that we can not sequence units in fleets or defence and save the sequences? I have outstanding tickets with support on this subject and I am not the only one to have raised the issues but you still push on with events regardless. Would suggest you close the game and roll back to previous version.

    • Sometimes, the events offering more production of this or that type of production buildings were not effective. This has been fixed and will not happen again.

    Could you please clarify what building types are involved in the above statement please e.g. Factories?