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    I have been playing DO since 2011 now and have had General most of the time because I find it very valuable in the game to get notifications of attacks but the last couple of years general has not always worked (in all servers I play) and it has got much worse so that it only works 10% of the time (at the most). I do't understand why this is since at one time it worked perfectly. Not only that, I used to get email notifications as well but that stopped a long time ago, funny though how I get email from gamigo after I buy diamonds. I bought Diamonds this weekend thinking it was fixed as that was what I was told when I wrote a ticket last weekend, but it was not and when I wrote another ticket on it I was told that there was nothing wrong and texts were sent. Whatever! I don't even get emails!!!!!!!! I am tired of excuses and fed up really. I live in Canada and have a good cell phone service provider (Telus) and never have issues from any other games or people texting. If this can't be fixed I really don't see any other option for me but to quit playing this game, in fact I feel I would be pushed out of the game. I am hoping that someone with brains can really look into this and tell me why Notifications of Texts AND Emails do not work for me. Please do not tell me there is no problem from that end.

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