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    So after 8 years on this game and seeing the lack of understanding or care with the way admin runs the current unfair events for the smaller players, sadly I have decided to leave the game.

    Heads, sand and ostriches spring to mind, you have tried Horse as have I. Seems game admin neither cares or understands the server is dying, so then neither do I. This will be my lost post and attempt to make admin see sense and save the game, bon voyage.

    IT Supporto thanks for your reply, if that's the case, is there any way the team involved can be informed of the amount of dissatisfaction with the format of these current events, from a lot of people, with the aim of improving and ultimately saving the game, thanks.

    Good morning,

    Support if you think these events are fair and balanced to be honest you shouldn't be a community manager as you clearly don't understand the game or note the battle reports of a very few number of players, who send undefendable fleets time and time again. It's this kind of response from the game admin that's driving players away, we had several quit in my alliance this week, because of these unfair events, the game is slowly dying. If you ban me because of my post that's cool, because after 8 years of this game it's very sad to see it like this, it used to be fun.