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    If I would have known that the parameters were going to change each weekend I wouldnt have particated at all. I would have just kept my low points and my 5.96 factor...We all know that that DO is set up for the inactive play, which blows my mind....look no further than the factor situation as I just described, and the fact that once you fight your way to the top, if you dont have a tear down or expanded range then you have just ended your game play until they decide to let you out by having another tear down. Is someone going to fix the fact that most people at the top of the point scale can't participate in this final weekend, or is this our punishment for fighting in a war game?

    To whom it may concern,

    I have been accused in the past of being a multi account. Once I explained what had happened different that week (internet outage, so I tethered my phone to my laptop for internet service) compared to what I usually do (laptop and home wireless network or connection through work LAN), it was explained to me that my cell phone company puts people in groups vs a static IP connections, and that is what caused me to be flagged as a multi-account. At that time I was in an event competing for diamonds. Because I was banned, I was still disqualified from winning, even though the ban was lifted.

    I’m obviously not guilty of being a multi-account or I wouldn’t have been unlocked so quickly. Unfortunately it wasn’t good enough because I was still banned during the event. I explained to to powers that be at that point something needed to be done about the situation. Nothing was done!

    Fast forward to 11/6/2018, Toxic alliance on foxtrot finishes off the event the night before, then 3 members are once again accused of being multi-accounts. Two of which hooked up to a public wifi connection at a farmers market. One brother who usually runs the stand, took a family member to a doctor appointment, so his brother stepped in cover his stand so he hooked up to the public wifi connection. The third lives in Portugal who also plays off of a phone.

    Seeing that I know just enough about computers and networking to make myself a menace to society, I would like either a support member, or a fellow player with a background in networking a question.

    Is there a way we can self register our mobile devices to our accounts with the MAC number so that the accusations about multi accounts can be put to rest?

    The idea of being treated guilty til proven innocent bothers me. Not to mention you are disqualifying whole alliance for a charge that may very well be false.

    If anyone else has been accused then proven innocent based on playing from a cell phone please let me know. I’m very curious to see how widespread this problem is.

    Thank you


    Malice \ keithinnc