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    I understand from a previous message that the range of units/resources can vary from Zero to Dvtr (135 zeros). When you send in an attack or have resources of Sesn (81 zeros) units that will be more units/resources than atoms in the universe. Time to cull these big number and get some that are more manageable. Instead of complicating things with a new numbering system why not simply reduce the numbers but dividing all by a number (to be determined) and increase the cost of units/resources to keep the numbers manageable and realistic. This will end the hyperinflation we see at the moment. Hope this helps. Astro2

    I have the mission 'visiting the production hall' where you need to build a certain number of random units. I've tried this, and other permutations, but it is saying that l have not fulfilled the task. I've had this mission for some time but only just decided to complete it. Am I doing something wrong or has the time expired to complete the mission. If the latter how do I get rid of the mission from the mission list as I'm concerned that it may be stopping new missions appearing. Any help would be appreciated.?(