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  • Hi Lizzy, regarding the recent update I believe the removal of the long standing achievements is a mistake. Several of us in my Alliance aim for these, such as number of attacks and spying, as a big part of the game play. With out these the game is diminished. Especially for those players who have played hard to accumulate the number and were close to achieving the next level. Not even a warning that it was going to happen.
  • hi lizzy,

    the announcement says that the Bug problems from 17 february are "still in progress"

    some alliance members of me send a ticket to support about a player wich isn't placed back to normal after he abused the bug and grow in resources from 147.076 * 10^111 $ to 1.376 * 10^201 $ in only 4 days without conversion event, and got an response that "all accounts are checked and there will be no further action"

    can you explain me why a player who cheated that much doesn't got punished for what he did????

    isn't there something like rules to follow or can support do what they want and choose wich players gets punished and wich doesn't?
  • Hello why is there no respons on my ticket ? what i have sent
    • This is now happening on wg1942 /Alpha Netherlands . the same player push other account this is the 10 time that he account pushen and the rules are simpel ( The dishonest development of an account through commerce and attacks known as "pushing" is strictly forbidden; even attempts will be penalized. Attacks with the purpose of transferring buildings from an account to another aren't allowed and if detected, the combat and commerce activities will be revoked. Our support team has the final word to determine if an action is considered "pushing". A ban for pushing could last from three to five days.) 9 time 2021 year he is only for 3 a 4 day on lock.and now he is it doing again greeting dutchghost
  • are these players going to be banned as we are losing spys etc they should be now until there acs are fixed
  • Hola Lizzy, que pasa con el desert?, todavía en mantenimiento?
  • lizziy buenas tardes me gustaria que me desbloquearian en brabo
    muchas gracias si quereis no meto $$$$
  • 2b 32 30 25 20 42 6f 6e 75 73 20 54 6f 6b 65 6e 20 69 6e 20 44 69 6e 65 72
    Hi. What is that?
  • lizzy estas por aqui?
  • hola
  • hello,
    where is the " Mark 13... Apocalyptic End times challenge! " rewards and the winner's name, (the UK, WG1942 servers)?
  • The DO warrior!
  • The oil conversion event on the UK Western Front server starting at on 18 January 2021 has not started.
  • What does the different color mean in the AMOK 4 competition
  • Can. We send spy attacks as we want during this contest with alliance members or we should do it by normal rules 6 attacks during 12 hours?
  • how is dutch overlord fun do you realy look at the game world killing the whole game world whit thes stupid events
    1 player destroys everyone and week after week you put all in his range no one can build up a thing how is that fun
    thanks for taking my plesure away for the game and killing the game wold
  • Hola buenas noches, desde el último mantenimiento no me deja entrar en el frente alfa, agradecería si me lo arreglan,
    Mi nik es, elbotasgeneral gracias de antemano
  • Does the administrator answer questions?
  • Does the administrator answer questions?
  • Hello.Events 02/01! Wargame 1942. the server of Edelweiss. my nickname is _baby_boy_ . I have a factor showing 2, and should be 6 ?
  • Scritto 10 tiket potreste rispondermi gz
  • Peace be upon you
    Dear brother
    Please help by changing your old password and deleting it from all games
    Caused someone else to access my account
  • السلام عليكم
    اخي الكريم
    يوجد خلل وثغره في العاب لوكي وهي في حال تغيير كلمة المرور تبقى كلمة المرور القديمه فعاله مما يسبب لاختراق الحسابات
  • there is no alliance transfer limit on Charlie USA. How can we benefit from a non-existant glitch?
  • buen día

    He ganado uno de los paquetes de 300 diamantes en la afición de facebook.
    El usuario ortesac puede acreditar en el frente Delta sff ..
  • Lizzy lets chat on Skype.
  • Hola hace un par de dias despues de terminar un evento ustedes activaron el limited de pases de recursos en el servidor de mexico delta ahora con el limited es una porqueria el servidor perdon por decirlo haci,pero el servidor estaba creciendo rapido y eso es bueno habia muchas guerra que eso divierte el juego es de guerra ,nosotros queremos que saquen eso muchos jugadores ya se estan llendo ,jugadores que apuesta a los diamantes ,y que nosotros compremos los diamantes para ustedes es importante hay tienen perdida ,jugadores nuevos o de otros servidores entraban y le gustaba este servidor por el tema que pueden crecer rapido ,yo quiero que entienda que haci arruinan el juego ,por lo que yo pienso para ustedes viene siendo una estrategia a ustedes no le importa la opinion de los jugadores parece esta bien con esto ganan dinero y eso no es malo pero esto de poner el limited hace que jugadores con un gran canje compren mas diamantes ,pero ustedes pierden porque menos jugadores van a jugar y apostar a los diamantes ,yo lo que haria es hacer un nuevo servidor y en ese poner el limited porque lo que hicieron ahora esta mal y todos estariamos agradecido que saquen eso del limited ,podrian cerrar el servidor que puedan entrar jugadores pero solo via invitacion piensen bien esto seria buena idea no soy el administardor del juego pero si lo fuera pienso bien las cosas antes de hacerlo en otros servidores hay muchos mundo y muy avanzandos y miren en mx esta re pobre con esto ya lo mataron,y para que tener mucho recursos si no lo podes usar a todos eso da tremenda bronca ,me gustaria hablar con el administrador por otro medio de contactos ,piensen bien lo que le dije para que saquen el limited de pases de recursos.gracias y chau:cursing:
  • Hola Lizzy_Lovegood me gustaria hablar con usted por otro medio de comunicacion es por un reclamo