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  • Ha!!que no lo dije,es en war usa alpha
  • a question, because it takes so long to answer 2 things, one complaint against 2 players and the other my annual vacation from the game.
    • I am very sorry, the support team is working as fast as they can answering all your questions. For this kind of matter please send a ticket because we need your account info and the support tool is the best way to share these kind of information in the safest way
  • good the alliance Waifs & Strays no longer exists.
  • whait is doing with my diamonds.i pay 50e and nothing to
    • Hello,
      Please send a ticket to support with the details of your purchase so we can investigate
  • Quisiera preguntarte algo, buenas tardes... Quiero saber cuantos ataques minimos se necesitan para que una guerra cuente en el top de alianzas
    • 20 son el minimo
  • pourquoi on me ferme mon compte pour descente volontaire?? je ne sais pas ce que cela veut dire ! je descend pas mon terrain ! on m'attaque, c'est normal que mon terrain diminu !! je comprend pas !! en plus je venais d'acheter des diams !!
    • Hello, I am part of the support team of the US / ES / MX servers, if you need help I can assist you in English and Spanish
  • how do I join the events?
    • Hello my Lord,
      The events are active in every endless word and everyone has access to them.

      For example, this week we have an Oil Production x15, this means that all your oil refinery building gives you x15 oil while the event is active (until TUESDAY at 23:59)

      Hope this clarify the way events works, otherwise you can keep asking :)
  • Charli

    This is what he writes out
  • Hi
    Doesn't work for me the game is down to frost va
    • Hi,

      Please send a ticket to support describing your problem in detail so that we can analyze your case.
    • what ticket
  • Hola clover buenas tardes solo para comentar sobre el nuevo evento que está por comenzar (AMOK) ustedes todavía no terminan el evento anterior(anunciar ganadores de la 4ta ronda y ganadores globales) y ya están lanzando uno nuevo...
    Creo que deberían de darnos un poco de descanso entre este tipo de eventos. Están saturando a los jugadores creo yo.
    • Hola Caldos,

      Voy a compartir tu recomendación con el resto del equipo, no te preocupes.
      Entiendo tu punto y la última ronda de ganadores serán premiados y anunciados esta semana sin falta.

      Mientras tanto espero que disfrutes del evento tanto como sea posible :)
  • and last do you have good secured game servers or just take it hhaha steal the whole game with data to put on your servers what's the point of hahhahaha but I would laugh hahhah
  • hello you sow so much hay for diamonds and when you finally release the app on the phone or continue the commune through the browsers after it logs in more than once, it is long after time, unless you do not have people who know such things, I know browsers fit with others, but certainly in the app and notifications like and open login and now. and you do not put balls in balls with the value of the base and nothing new for players for a long time and sory we have a better photo of the base hahahhah ps pogo and so probably poured .....
    • Hello,

      We're sorry, but we can't guarantee the game will play correctly in mobile devices / tablets because of the diverse amount of browsers, operating systems and their versions in the market. For an optimal experience of our game, we suggest you play it in a desktop computer.

      However, please ensure the following: that you have the latest version of you OS, that you have a browser that supports HTML5 and you're using it's latest version and that you try to load the game in desktop mode through a tab in your browser. We also suggest you clear your device's cache fully and thoroughly in case your browser is still loading a past version of our game. You may do that following the instructions of your device/browser.
  • Me puedes mirar el ticket 1638802, gracias
  • Hi agin Clover....I've just receided this message:
    Reference: [Support] Besieged I winner
    You are one of the winners of the BESIEGED Special challenge.
    Please tell us where do you want your reward to be paid:
    - Gamma +4000 diams for 1st winner
    - Foxtrot +2000 diams for 2nd winner
    Please send a ticket to support and give us your answer.

    Please, what does it mens? I want both rewards, one in each world.......Can you help me?
  • Hi agin Clover....I've just count my spy actions during Presents for the Fure event and I should have won, at least, third placement, maybe the second one....I took a ban in Gamma and not In Foxtrot !!!! Can I ask a check about?
  • Hi Clover, about Presents for the future", none premiums paid during week end.......Is there a ranking to check the winners?
  • I need help plz contact me bialy21b
  • When the premiums will be paid for "Presents for the future" offensive (highest number of victories and spies)? Thx
  • Hola de los paquetes esos de diamantes de la ultima casilla de la tienda, se puede comprar mas de un lote por frente o solo uno?
    • Hola,
      Las ofertas son distintas dependiendo de la región, del usuario, el número de compras, etc.
      Algunas de las ofertas pueden comprarse en varios frentes y otras se reservan a una compra por usuario, pero tendríamos que ver específicamente a qué oferta te refieres.
  • Thx but I do not understand. In Gamma, I'm sure about my performance in Part II.....I took a ban but after this challange; is this the reason I did not received anythings?
    • Every ban will take you out of the competition.
      State in mind that this is a 4 parts competition, so yes, maybe the ban is the reason :(
  • Hi Clover, I did not received yet any premium for Part II Candlelight offensive (highest number of victories). I'm sure about my performance......Is there any problem? Thx
  • When the premiums will be paid for Part II Candlelight offensive (highest number of victories)? Thx
    • The winners of the challenge will be awarded no later than Wednesday of this week.
      Thank you for reaching us.
  • a donde mando mi captura de pantalla de espionaje, yo no cuento con facebok
    • Hola,
      Además del concurso de Facebook, hay un concurso en foro para DO y uno para WG en donde puedes colocar tu captura de pantalla. Por favor pon tu usuario de juego de igual modo para contar tu participación
  • When will be awards for Part II (highest number of victories)? Thx
  • mi pregunta por lo visto hay que hacer los eventos por narices pues no dan margen para ponerse de vacaciones , esto es una dictadura a toda regla
  • very nice
  • pkujundzic