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  • good afternoon whoever asks for this event, the last man is a genius, not to call him stupid, if the consulate is with someone, for example, position 500, how is it that someone in positions 400 to 1 will have a chance to participate in the event?
    • We keep watching the player that has the consulate to assure that the player is in target, dont worry.
  • good afternoon , it's been a few days since I sent a tickt about a bug that is having on my account... no br, I sent a print of everything as the costume says , but so far nothing of a solution for the case, not even that little response from which it's been several days since I sent you them.
    • Hello, I will see that you get an answer today.
  • Como funciona esse evento, vai ter prêmio?
    • Que evento?
      Alguém disse algo sobre um prêmio?
      Eu não, uh uh... amanhã...ã...
  • the general is not working, we are not receiving attack message and espionage what do we do?
    • I am very sorry, this is a service provided from other company.
      We have been trying to contact them to solve this, but at this moment we do not have any news about it.
      Soon we will inform what will happen
  • good afternoon... well you could launch an event for us that we have banks below 30, namoral we feel fluctuated here because there is no such rapidop bank wind for us... I ask you to kindly evaluate this, for the fact So are coming too many new players and other veterans coming back... then you have to run after the loss
  • Good morning, God, when will it start? it's been the same forum event for two weeks, but it doesn't start again in the future! Will there be a medal from the demon and empire event?
  • Bom dia....
    O resultado da segunda parte do evento Império sai essa samana ainda?
    • Não, o resultado da segunda parte do Empire será pago/anunciado na próxima semana.
  • hi Clover, on the Establish the Empire event, No awards have not been paid out yet. Just letting you know.
    • Sorry for the missunderstanding.
      The US rewards will be paid in a bit
  • Good morning, when are you going to pay for the diamonds from the empire part 1 event?
  • hello good afternoon, please would you like to know when the results of last week's event will come out?? on the BR server
    • Hello lavou, we are working on it.
      It will be release this week as long as the rest of the servers
  • ditto on ERROR CODE on usa server
  • Error, if this persists, please send the code below to the support.

    Error code:

    • Hello, please send ticket with details of this
  • Good afternoon, do you have a forecast when you will release the result of part 1 of the empire event?
    • We will have the results next week
      We will be working on that this weekend.
  • I would like to know what is going on with the loot, as I attacked some players yesterday at 14:00 and so far it has not increased their loot as much as mine in an attack event. This is inadmissible because it harms a lot of those who are participating ... I can't stand it but, the game has already had its glory days... I hope this is resolved... Because making 1 hit every 24 hrs in a hit-win event gets to be surreal.
  • where are the packages advertised on the star tab? it's gone, it's over
    • Hi, remember that on some servers there were flash sales that only lasted a few hours. But do not worry, today you should have new offers that may interest you.
  • buenas tardes a principios de este mes de octubre del 2021 el juego desert operation por medio del explorador google chrome me dejo de funcionar saliendo lo siguiente
    La conexión no es privada
    Es posible que los atacantes estén intentando robar tu información de (por ejemplo, contraseñas, mensajes o tarjetas de crédito). Más información

    busco mas informacion y me dice que el certificado del juego esta vencido desde q juego al desert operation siempre e jugado en google chrome y apenas ase unos dias ya no pude jugarlo tuve que descargar otro explorador firefox y me es complicado me podrian decir como solucionar este problema de google chrome
  • Good afternoon, br1 with the attack and espionage fleets are blocked, the attacks and espionage and hit in 10 minutes, but don't come back are blocked!
    • Please send a ticket
      This has to be reviewed by the tech team
    • the ticket takes 72 hours to respond, if it is not closed without response, needs a solution immediately, how will we do attacks with the blocked fleets? Can't you do something about it?
    • I am very sorry, I can not help you, neither the support team
      They will have to contact the tech team to review your account, but you have to send a ticket.
    • but it's not just my account, it's the entire br1 server.
  • good morning... I would like to know what time the top fame event will be active on the server-BR, because you sent the mp at 00 in the morning and until now nothing... and thus harming many of us in your strategy for the event , since many demolished it a lot, they are not even able to demolish it due to the high cost of demolition, thus making the event unfeasible for many... who would like to play, it was to have a fixed schedule and not keep changing all the time, leaving everything without sense... because at 18:00
    or 23:58 is practically not Thursday.
  • muy buenas ,a que hora empieza el evento, gracias ?
  • Was the prize for part 4 of the daemon event paid?
    • 🤷‍♀️ Do you have a problem with your account?
    • I don't have as many diamonds in my account that I haven't noticed another 8,500 diamonds, so I don't think the prizes for part 4 of the daemon event were paid out.
    • Please send a ticket ;)
  • Good morning, do you have a forecast of when you will restart the god mode front?
    • Hello Rodolfo,
      All the BKs will have a cool period of one week.
      Expect to resume the battle the next one ;)
  • clover, I would like to congratulate you for your support given to us on the BR server, because for a long time, we have not been heard or helped, when we criticize and there are also those moments we congratulate, for the efficiency in seeking a quick solution and this is the moment, for you to have my congratulations.pois without your help here on the forum surely the game would still lose but players.keep it up ... with your humility there are few who remain Thank you very much.
  • Good morning, I'm here to inform you that my seal of medal of Platinum Medal: Master in Geology is buggy, because I've passed level 100 and it was supposed to be a diamond...on the Lotus-BR server, and also something else, no khan-br server so far I haven't received my top 2 medal from the demon event .. I've sent a tickt and so far they haven't solved it, only mine because of the other players everything is ok.
    • Hey Lavou, please send again a ticket with the error you mention about the Geo medal. Please atach some screenshots if you can, so we can give more details about it to the developer team

      About the Daemon ones... that havent been assign yet.
      That has to be done by the developer team and all the winners will have the award in one of our game updates.
  • Buenos dias, aun estamos esperando las 1.500 piedras del evento de grupo.
    En Bravo se ganaron las batallas, y al final del texto poneis que se ingresaran en charlie.
    Pues ni en un frente ni en otro.
    • Hola, dame un minuto para revisar la entrada en WGES y corregir lo que me mencionas.
      Las recompensas aún no han sido pagadas. Como es una recompensa general para todos los usuarios del frente esta en manos del equipo técnico y están en preparativos.
      No te preocupes, no nos hemos olvidado.
  • Boa noite
    A premiação da rodada magnata pt ainda ñ foi creditada e ja esta quase no fim da rodada
    • Please send a ticket, for the next round Im in charge and you will not have a complain
    (inappropriate name) has already been warned
    • I can not see the profile with a link
      I do not have access to your account
      Please send a ticket
  • I'm a player on the Brazilian server - br1 western, and things around here are catastrophic, no server administrator, no support, or rather, without support, tickets are not answered, on the contrary, they are automatically canceled, including reports of irregularities, such as like multi-accounts and loot passing or espionage overtaking, the game has bugs on all servers and there is one in particular, between 00:00h and 01:30h local time, the game crashes, keeps loading and...... whatever is happening we are left with nothing to do, attacks hit and cannot be defended; event results are not disclosed: prizes are not paid, purchased diamonds are paid but not credited to account; slowness, any orderly action is a drama of delay, that when the page does not go down;
    privileges to high spenders; repetitive events, unregulated clock events, for example, I sent a spy is 2:20am and the clock reads 20:20pm, this is some bad joke, no matter if it's this time or that time, the correct time is the server parents;
    market informs the quantity of item to be purchased, when buying the total quantity an error message appears: the drop of water, the implantation of such population, please, you and any other player know that this does not make it difficult to nothing about the loot ticket, it just makes it easier for richer players to get even more buildings, we're two months without support, there's no point in asking to send a ticket!
    • well ... seeing all those anomalies, in your place, I would no longer be playing or buying diamonds ...
  • Scrap Dealer 1h/2h/3h – 75%/50%/25%

    What does that mean?
    • You can sell your units for scraps.
      The first hour you will get 75% of value, the 2nd 50% and the third 25%
    • Thank you very much
  • Clover , can you example remove a limit in alliance tax in croatian server or any other ? or maybe as give us a large limit to send more resourses :D
    Salut i laku noc
    • We cannot make the change you ask for. The alliance resource transfer limit is fixed and calculated automatically for all players. Sorry but we can't modify it.
  • quase minha chara ,clovis aqui