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  • на русском сервере едельвейс забыли включить ивент))) on the Russian server едельвейс forgot to include event))
  • I am watching you.soon I post coments on your LP points and your mistakes and no taking your responsibility for this.
  • Hi...really sleepy event :(
  • in forum of my account..for what am I getting points??? and what is it good for? thanks
    • these points don't work I am sorry so need for nothing
  • Are you sure that winers posted on CZ server are correct???
    • na některém jiném serveru si právě čtou pořadí platné pro CZ. Dej jim čas, mají toho moc, určitě to opraví :-)))
    • chtěl bych někdy ochutnat ten materiál co tam berou :)
  • Only the winners can see reports, the looser can't but of course if the looser destroy a big percentage of the defence the report is not blurred.
    • than somebody of your staff do not understeand if I send ticket where I am asking how is possible that enemy with one send units watch my udcl army.
  • But what I would like to understeand..or maybe you can better explain is blurred report working...because sometimes works..sometimes works can you explain better how it works? because it is not only in winner see -- looser see not...sometimes looser see too
  • I want to report I suspect a player having Multiple accounts. Is this the place to do that?
    • Hi, you need to send a ticket please, you can do it here in forum or in game
    • Sorry, but the "help"-button does not lead anywhere... just a maze of different options that, as I said..leads nowhere. In the old forum it was MUCH easier to write a ticket. Help me here Now please!
    • I sent a ticket via Glyph last weekend. I haven't heard anything yet. Bear in mind that this BATTLE S.E game comest to an end this weekend! / Iwasfirst
    • please send a new ticket following the procedure
  • hello im from wg alpha whe are missing a event ( top war event ) for a lot time .greeting dutchghost
  • Combat Progression Event + rewards: 6000dias 1st place, 3000 dias 2nd place, 1500 dias 3rd place. to imagine this?? most attack wins in event?? cz server
    • most battle points you do more chance you have t win
  • wrotte black market HH ( happy hour ) do not work in cerosine and diesel
    • hi, the HH is working please clean your browser
    • when was HH last time...fuel was 700, kerosine 702 and diesel about 703 on black market
    • or maybe you should wroote regular event...not do too much mistake in it
    • there are not mistakes, the HH is working properly
  • Hi cz server do not work...where is problem?
    • hi, there is a little issue, our staff i sworking on it.
  • hi, the mistake was fixed last night, thanks for reporting
    • top points yes..spec and def units just now..thanks for fix
  • server you have wrotte top points, but it is top value
    • spec and def units via dia do not works too
    • spec and def are for money
    • factor 6+3 is correct?
    • travel time attack -75% ??? 8 kvad army 1 hour 38 minutes???? really???
  • another thing...on fcb site LOOKI CZ/SK do not work!!! nobody take care about this??? I was on LOOKI UK..I win 300 dia in quess...but was wrote me I am not UK who take care about dead site on fcb?? looki CZ/SK???? so give us know directly, that czech player on CZ server are bullshit for you ( only money spend..then we are great for you ofcourse ).
  • get money from players is ok???? but here it stops??? do not forget to give me BAN here!!!
  • interesting....I am sure and I know that I am not only one player who can not sin g in in glyphy I wrotte email on glyphy support directly....answer: your message was not delivery...what is this fake about??? so I can only manage my answer without not sing in?? this is your new services for player???
  • I would like to spase on mismanagement on a server in Saudi Arabia about one of the general gaming managers responsible for the same server for misconduct and violation of the player's right to report a player as legally. Because there are signs of complete mismanagement even by observers
    • Good mornig, please send a ticket to QA department thanks
  • is there problem with glyphy site?? can not sing in...only white page display when clik on sing in.
    • no there is not but if you must send a ticket please do it without a glyph account
    • so why I did my registration when it not works???...or registration is deleted?
    • if you did a registration it should work
  • Hi suporto...spec unit in event not work,leo3 and ships not in included
  • Hi.Ik heb mezelf per ongeluk as Admin in west bg Land-zonder-grenzen veranderd in financien .kan dit recht gezet worden want de speler serraya kan ik niet berichten en hij heeft nu Admin status.Gr andrew williams.
    • hi, please send a ticket and I will check it
    • Hi.ican,t find away to send a ticket.
    • Please check in forum there a tpic that explain it and we also sent an ingame message about it
  • уже 2 недели не обрабатываете запросы 1249011 и 1248771
    • GOod morning, we answered all the tickets we had, please give me ticket number
    • 1249011 и 1248771
    • done and thanks
    • on Wednesday on both queries wrote that check up information... today already Friday, so not a whatever was done.... by queries hang already 2 weeks....
    • I answered your tickets please check your email
  • hello the new top event dont work . greeting dutchghost
    • on wg - alpha
    • I am going to check thanks
    • tanks . mayby a idea . start the top at wensday to friday . and at theusday the normal event greeting
    • it could be an idea, thanks
  • hello on te server wargame1942 alpha . the banks dont work . no bank captured. 6 attacks no bank bank greeting
    • hi, thanks a lot for reporting, I fixed it right now
  • capture bank do not work..two attacks and no banks captured
  • Ci sono lavori in corso o i server sono caduti? Non si riesce ad entrare in Desert. Grazie e buona domenica
    • CIao, da come ho letto ci sono stati problemi, ci scusiamo.
  • Hi supporto..thank you for to settle my ticket about blurred report it works perfectly..great support..i am glad.
    • Our staff fixed the issue thanks for reporting
  • Hi Can you look my message ?
  • Во всех странах уже списки победителей есть, у нас то когда будет?
    • Good morning,
      the winners were already published, please check the forum
  • Hi....what takes so long with result of HELL event?
    • Good morning, I am sorry but ut takes time to check players