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  • hello
    just I sent a ticket a few days ago and I asked about the AMOK IV and global amok winner and rewards. also the besieged event achievement. where are the rewards and the winner's achievement? The annoucement took a long time...
  • Top Ally + Most Collective Won Fights!!!
    Top Ally "Nuclear Winter"*
    Diamond Full 15
    Fuel/Gold/Ammo/Travel Times -50%
    Bash 0% Reset 1.5h / No Block until 3h after end
    Spy Def. x4
    Oil Prod x20 – until Jan. 1st included
    Nuclear Winter: This Top Ally will reward the Top 3 alliances per world to win the most "forced wars" with the following prizes:
    1st alliance: 450 diamonds per member
    2nd alliance: 325 diamonds per member
    3rd alliance 150 diamonds per member
    AND, for the 1st alliance, all won fights will be counted to grant an additional bonus to the number 1 alliance members as:
    1 won fight = 1 diamond per member!!!
    E.g. The alliance records 1000 won fights, every member will get 1000 diamonds. With the forced wars prizes, this would come down to 1900 diamonds per member for a 24h challenge!!!
    Where’s the winner’s of this event and we didn’t got the diamonds for our attacks
  • hello
    the diamond exchange not work.
    • please send a ticket with more informations like server etc
  • Where is the diamond award for the first AMOK special competition?
    Where is the medal for the BESIEGED competition
    • Good morning, for Amok I we already gave the prizes, for besieged achievement will be given soon.
    • I have not received any diamond award so far
    • pleSe send a ticket
    • this is ticket numbers 1661779
  • Hello. There was an error. Your New Year and with an asterisk packages of diamonds do not work. They hang on the wall and you press to buy, but they are simply not in the store. I have not been able to purchase packages of diamonds for several weeks. Please sort out this problem as soon as possible.
    • Good mornig please send a ticket and I will check it
  • Здравствуйте.Возникла ошибка.Ваши новогодние и со звездочкой пакеты алмазов не работают.Они висят на стене а нажимаешь купить, а их в магазине просто нет.Я уже так несколько недель не могу приобрести пакеты алмазов.Разберитесь по скорей с этой проблемой.
  • attack on other players is not possible...
    • hi yes we had issues with top ally and sent a system message for it
  • hello
  • Hallo
  • hello support. if you can click 20% extra spy and defense in basic packages. you can now do unlimited. is it so that the 20% + 20% + 20% that you devence. the higher the number of clicks per 50 slide. I could just press 10 times and the slides were written off and this also applies to attacks. in the past you could only click once and had to wait 24 hours greetings dutchghost wg1942 / Alpha / NL
    • good morning this is a known issue and we are going to fix it as soon as possible thanks
    • good morning ty and i hope dat you fix the monny value to . 20.006 undefined . its not playing nice annymore greeting dutchghost
  •…-presents-for-the-future/ ник of RYU, you forgot to enumerate a prize me for the second place on едельвейсе(((((
  • Hello! Is it possible for you to become moderator for hr/ba?
    Cause esoti is so slow, not responding like he doesnt even work.. youve allready calculated all the past events.. he didnt even do the one from the start od the month... Doesnt respond to tickets, doesnt calculate events, ignores his wall comments..
    • Good morning,
      pleasew send a ticket to HR support he/she wil answer you soon.
  • hello i have send you a ticket . over de rules of wargame : Artificial building ("pushing") of an account
  •…n/&postID=22624#post22624 Ob * JloM and REgion51 are the same person, REgion51 changed his nickname on edelweiss
  • hello suporto i missing some thing. when you select which country you come from. Dutch is not listed as a language to be selected greeting dutch ghost
    • good morning yes we know it, you can choos UK
  • hello wg dosent work

    If this error persists, please send the code below to support.

    Error code:

    • thanks for reporting we are already informed
  • Hi Frind do you work on Friday . i send you a ticket . and can you send me the rules of wargame1942 .The rules of the Dutch rules are no longer good. can you send me the correct rules ????
    • hi you can find all the rules in english here:
    • the rules are the same as the dutch rules ( Pushing:

      Any suspected attacks will be revoked and a 4 day ban.
      If this happens a second or third time, support may ban you permanently.)
    • see ticket
    • we check all the tickets but please keep in mind that the punishments are only a suggestion in wiki, we evaluate case by case
  • Hello support . i have send you a ticket . over values. it is more than 3 months ago . the valus are done yes i got 4.537 undefined as a valus ???? Maybe a tip. put a 1 after the existing values. for example Trio1, billion1, etc etc etc greeting dutch ghost
    • see new ticket . support about values and other tickets
    • Good morning,
      I answered your ticket thanks
  • Good afternoon, my Game name is Smaug6366, , my irl name is pieter (pronounced peter), i am the new moderator for the dutch servers both and desert
    i am a retired paramedic, i speak Dutch, English,French and German.
    if you have any questions or need help please ask.
    sincerely, Smaug6366
    • you wronte on my personal profile, you must write in DO community and WG community
  • identification 20203
  • can i understand why i lost if the ships don't fight tanks ????

    Immortal - DELTAFORCE2012
    Casualties of the Attacker: 0.00% of the Attack Force
    Casualties sustained by the Victim: 100.00% of the Defensive Capability
    Max. possible Casualties: 33% of the Available Buildings
    Transferred Points: 88,279 Duo
    Weapons Used (Immortal)
    Weapons Used Survived Casualties Fleet
    Kiev Class 463,324 Duo 463,324 Duo 0 1
    Weapons Used (DELTAFORCE2012)
    Weapons Used Survived Casualties Fleet
    Leopard 2 1 0 1 1
    War Indemnity:
    Buildings Starting Amount End Amount Loss
    Residential Buildings 261,402 Univ 175,139 Univ 86,262 Univ
    Skyscrapers 261,402 Univ 175,139 Univ 86,262 Univ
    Ammunition Facility 185,201 Univ 124,085 Univ 61,116 Univ
    Factory 185,201 Univ 124,085 Univ 61,116 Univ
    Mine 261,380 Univ 175,124 Univ 86,255 Univ
    Oil Refinery 261,380 Univ 175,124 Univ 86,255 Univ
    Front Report
    Kiev Class Fights Against: Leopard 2
    Attacker has lost: 0 Kiev Class in the fight against 1 Leopard 2.
    Victim has lost: 1 Leopard 2 in the fight against 463,324 Duo Kiev Class.
    can i understand why i lost if the ships don't fight tanks ????
  • as Italians can play in a foreign server, it would be better to put the copy and paste in the chat as not all of us are able to speak all languages.
  • how do you go about making a ticket ?? it was very simple once
  • I advise stronly to everyone not to spend more money on diamond packages before all pronlems are solve. You will lost your money and will receive no diamonds or other beneficts due to severe software issues. 4 tickets about these abuses have been submitted without any response or settlement during a 1-1 / 2 week
    • Good morning,
      if you sent the ticket properly we will answer it.
    • Good morning,
      if you sent the ticket properly we will answer it.
  • I advise stronly to everyone not to spend more money on diamond packages before all problems are solved. You will lost your money and will receive no diamonds or other beneficts due to severe software issues.
  • hello ik have send a ticket for 2 question . one is . whe missen a event .im the storm . wo have win this greeting dutchghost . dutch server alpha
  • on the Russian servers for a 4th event when will winners be known?
    • we need time to check them all in the next days.
  • Hello is ther sombody that read the tickets ????? ore is everybody on hollyday ???? last week . no ticket
    answered this week no
    answered . lol greeting dutchghost
  • I see you came by awhile back but didn't say hi. I was never told what happened to my account on the UK. I didn't send a ticket in as I just felt I was done.