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  • trool you not the only one who lost out on the bank event and wen you get player who keep on att you if they say only 6 spy att in 12 hr what abount wen you get att 9 time of the same player with in the 12hr
    • you need to send a ticket, I can't of course check in forum.
  • Can you tell me why I didn't win an event on the banks? My account Trool ( on the Alpha server (Sweden). Won 3978 banks and is not among the winners.
  • ON battle uk i had 313 bank but did not get 3rd
    • youneed to send a ticket for it.
    • some time i think it a wast of time sending ticket in if they dont sort it out in 24hr and i had sent a ticket in saying all the fax were i was hit 9 time in the 12hr if it the same as spying
    • so no need to complain here. Wait for an answer to your ticket
  • Aktualizace 8-12:00 Teď je 15:25 a mně se pořád zobrazuje ten pitomej křeček. Historii prohlížeče jsem už vymazal několikrát a pořád mi to nejde. Mám jen já tuhle chybu, nebo ještě pořád aktualizujete?
    • good morning,
      we removed the maintenance, thanks for the patience.
  • Hello, I'm interested in more things, first Esoti doesn't do her job. Many times they do not add action messages ie they are not even in the forum, are late etc, can anyone make him be more serious? Or can't it?

    The other thing about this action has not yet been announced by the winners, what is waiting?

    Third, why, even after 2 months, I still haven't received confirmation in the mail that I can register here on the forum?
    • hi,
      I suggest you to send a ticket and ask there all your questions.
    • one ticket is open from 01/17/2020 nobody here does their job
    • did you specify game and country and server on your ticket? Because we answered all our tickets and do our jib. If you want you can give me ticket number
    • To fill in correctly, I sent a new ticket number 1413586
  • ahoj, je celkem fajn mít možnost hlasovat o délce trvání LP (týden, měsíc), ale možná by stálo za to nejdřív umožnit na pár týdnů vyzkoušet si tu týdenní variantu LP. A až potom nechat hlasovat kterou variantu bychom upřednostnili. Hezký den přeji
    • I am sorry but it is not possible, our developer can't do something like it.
    • všechno jde, když se chce :-))) Takhle ovšem nejde hlasovat pro něco, co jsem si nemohl vyzkoušet. Potom to hlasování nemá smysl.
  • Hello support.
    I have a request .
    the Bg donation cannot go up or change. everyone is richer than, your max from the BG donation. can get ???? . we as the richest Bg. all Bg want to make a donation so that it is fair for everyone. and increase the donation by 200%. this is how people are triggered to buy more diamonds. greeting dutchghost . from wg1942 alpha
    • Hi, I am sorry but it is not possible.
    • why not . most players are richer. then they can ever get out of the bg bank ??? so the entire wargame ecconomy is at a low level. just check the accounts . because for 1 diamond you get more for resources than from the bg bank. Normally you will say that it must be in line with a healthy ecconomy . to make the game attractive you will also have to change that. greeting dutchghost
    • thanks for your feedback.
  • Hello.Events 02/01! Wargame 1942. the server of Edelweiss. my nickname is . I have a factor showing 2, and should be 6 ?
  • Hi.Hohowmany times can someone attac you without it beeing harrasment.zeitgeis.attacs 6 times or more every a day.this is see all and do not akt.stop this
    • hi, it is a war game there is not a limit for the attacks
  • Santa14 mission not working.Completed 301lvl
  • hello support whe have al te same problem on the dutch server whit these mission (Rogue Santa 13 - Hidding and Spreading
    Santa's curse is still going on: his toys are being delivered as we speak, while he is "pinned down" in Costaguana enjoying mojitos and cigars. Silently, hidden in small boxes, just like nothing, his poisonned presents are making their way into every peaceful home in the world. This is how the old man fights a war, he goes for the weak spot like the red demon that he is. Not only that, but rumor has it that he would have stolen some of our latest foreign units, barely out of their boxes, brand new expensive toys for leaders and dictators like yourself. We must review our units 1 by 1 and estimate the damage but I seem to have misplaced the inventory sheet. Can you tell me these units names by just looking at them? I'll then count them and see if we miss any while our troops arrest every mail man, carrier and dispatch rider in the country to prevent the dangerous toys from being delivered. Note: Units names are case sensitive! ) i have search for the pic and ik came to these names
    1) Mitsubishi A6M
    2) Huitian
    4) Namur
    5) YAMATO
    whe have tride othernames but the orginal foto,s that you have used came the names on . please help us ore deleted this mission greeting Dutchghost
    • maybe google netherlands works differently from google russia. since i read in the forum that russian players. Santa 13 have resolved
    • the answers are the same than UK server, It is not a goggle issue. Ansers 3 and 5 are right all the others are wrong.
  • Santa14 mission not working.Completed 301lvl
  • Включи уже мозг наконец и подумай, почему именно сейчас нельзя строить PzKpfW VIII "Маус", PzKpfW VI "Королевский Тигр", МиГ-3, Подлодка типа XXI, Бисмарк, и так далее, и тогда может быть ты все таки поймешь почему именно сейчас, именно сегодня НЕЛЬЗЯ ПОСТРОИТЬ Подлодка типа VII C/42))))
  • Rogue Santa 13 at wargame1942 uk,please answer.
  • Админ ты в натуре чепушила)))) Тебе люди говорят что варгейм на русском сервере нельзя строить ✚ Подлодка типа VII C/42, зайди в корабельный завод да посмотри....
  • Админ ты в натуре чепушила)))) Тебе люди говорят что варгейм на русском сервере нельзя строить ✚ Подлодка типа VII C/42, зайди в корабельный завод да посмотри....
    • it is possible please check the right weapon
  • Hello why dont read support my ticket ????? yesterday i sebd a ticket . my account is blocked for spying . when i see the screenshot . its nothing wrong 6 spy in 12 our . every time to same whit a attack ??? greeting ghost dutch wargame1942 / alpha greeting ghost .
    • please be patient. We are answering all the tickets
  • Rogue Santa 13 - Hidding and Spreading! Нельзя ли на русском сервере, задания и ответы на них соответственно, писать на русском языке. А то с таким же успехом можно играть на англоязычных сайтах. На русском сервере должно быть всё на русском языке!!!
    • I am sorry but all the answers are in english
    • Да валера, плевали они на русских...
    • can you answer the mission of rouge santa 13
      does anyone know
    • No I am sorry I can't
  • El Bandido Rojo 12 - Bienvenido Presidente Santa!
    ​для прохождения 12 миссии, требуется построить 1,000,000,000 U-Boat Type VII C. (по факту U-Boat Type VII C / 42) на данный момент на русских серверах строительство U-Boat Type VII C / 42 не доступно, из за этого игроки не могут пройти миссию​
    • you have of course: ✚ Подлодка типа VII C/42
    • Эти лодки на русских серверах нельзя строить
    • yes they can are also in table unit and a lot of RU players solved this quest
    • доступ к строительству данных подлодок на русских серверах открывается только в определенные ивенты, сейчас этот доступ закрыт, зайдите с корабельный завод сами посмотрите....
    • вот скрин того что эту подлодку сейчас строить нельзя, она у меня изучена, и строить ее можно только в определенные ивенты.... зачем тему закрываете то? если вопрос не решен
  • hello now we have a event that we have a oil 1/1 at sunday . no boddy have oil . because there is no blackmarket to buy ???????? 80 % off the palyers need more oil than you can buy on the blackmarket ??????? this event on is a sleeping event for 80% of the players greeting dutchghost
  • please do not leave the ticket 1369039, continue the dialogue with me(((
    • we answered yesterday, please be patient we have a lot of tickets
    • I don 't want to offend you, and I don 't want to get tired, just you don 't really answer why until I remind you here ((((I continue the dialogue with you on this ticket, and until last I hope that we together will find a solution to my problem ((
  • hello i got this mission , Rogue Santa 7 - Reversed Polarity
    It is extremely strange but the presence of this northern creature is disrupting most of our top of the line military equipment. Please proceed with tests on most aspects of our operations and find a better cell for General Labraguette: the walls imprisoning him must block all incoming/outgoing waves.

    Missie doelen:
    Pass 1 level of research espionage technology

    Reistijd +100% (2d)
    -50% Extra Defensie (2d)
    . the problem is i got it al ready to the max
    research50 / 50Spionage technologie
    please remove it from page of make a button to delete it . of the player wo got this to the max . finishd it . greeting dutchghost
  • Please answer me, how can we solve the ogue Santa 7 - Reversed Polarity mission when we have done all lvl espionage technology.
  • еще раз спасибо))) пожалуйста, умоляю Вас обработайте еще запрос в службу поддержки 1369039
    • hi, we are going to answer all the tickets, thanks.
    • Это очень важно(((( я очень переживаю, помогите пожалуйста решить проблему по запросу 1369039(((( очень волнуюсь, и не нахожу себе места((((
    • Доброе утро))) проблема актуальна, помогите мне пожалуйста по запросу 1369039
    • hi, we already answered this ticket please check it
    • Ah so I yesterday you through 2 hours answered after your answer, in was asked "Can I go on?"and I said," Yes, please cancel the operation". look at the ticket again, please.(((
  • спасибо за приз))) еще обработайте запрос в службу поддержки пожалуйста 1366811, заранее спасибо)))
  • cerberus
  • uitslag dood de ceberus waar blijft die de uitslag over de drie events
    • hi, we are going to give the results right now.
  • where can i send a ticket ????? at the looki portal dont work ????
    • hi, you can do it from game under game help, or you can find "support" also here in forum at the buttom of the page.
    • ingame there is no button to go to supportto send a ticket , and de button of this page than you go to support and then you read only the rules and tip ??? and no button to send a ticket . en when you push to sign in . you have a whitepage ????
      the problem is the player that wins the event on waregame/alpha . is punishd and his account is block for not playing right .;-) and he wins the event thats not right i think greeting dutchghost
    • we already checked this player, for the ticket please read our guide about: how to do a ticket, you can find it here in forum. In game there is the support click. You can find it over the chat "talk"
  • hi you can do that at dinner loyalty points demolition you. for 100 points the buildings can be demolished at 80 or 90% of the value of the costs with kind regards dutchghost
  • Ahoj, nepochopil jsem co a jak mám udělat: Upgrade a level of the Tank Grounds building extension
    • please send a ticket so we will be able to help you